Tis the time,


It's going to be a beautiful passport. I can't wait to get mine. AND it will last for 10 years (finally). Love the CFL mention and picture of the Grey Cup. The entire passport actually tells the story of Canada. Pretty cool.

My current Canadian passport, as much as I am proud to have it, is pretty underwhelming and boring. And the 5 year expiry is, frankly, a royal pain the butt.

I like the new passport, I am wishing I had waited another year and had not gone and got my first passport last june...

Grey Cup Page 28

Moments in Canadian sport

Sports are an essential part of Canadian culture and identity. Canadians of all ages enjoy a variety of sports throughout the year.

These images celebrate two of Canada's most iconic and popular sports. The image on the left depicts young football players honing their skills, with the Grey Cup pictured in the background. The Grey Cup is the top prize in Canadian football and is awarded annually to the championship winning Canadian Football League (CFL) team each year. This year, the Canadian Football League is marking its centennial year.

I wish now that I could wait until next June to get mine, but unfortunately it expires before then. Love the Grey Cup being included, as it's one of the most Canadian items there is. [political rant] Almost makes up for the fact that they'll be printed outside Canada instead of in Cornwall. :thdn: [/political rant]

Also love the original Canadian photobomb on page 11. A great moment in our history, with a fitting, truly Canadian, humorous side.