Pictures Ti-Cats Vs Winnipeg Pre-Season by Bruce13thMan


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Thanks for the pics BruceXIIIMan!

My brother's GF is a cheerleader for our Cats it was cool seeing her in those pics! Right On!

Oskie Wa Wa! :rockin:

Hey Bruce, enjoyed all your previous pics, can't access these. Keep getting "This content is currently unavailable"

I looked at these earlier today. Great shots. Thanks.

Even though i was only listening to the game, I know exactly what play some of the shots were. In particular, Giguere's sideline catch (OK, could have been one of two in a row by him), the PI call where Diston got mauled (from the pictures, I can see the announcers weren't kidding). And the shots of Martel punting really do show his "unique" style. The announcers called it "not pretty, but effective". Given his success, I wonder if more North American kicking coaches will start to look at Aussie Rules and rugby kicking styles to see if they can incorporate them over here.

Again, thanks for posting your pictures. Always enjoy them.

Not sure why Bro, as it works for me, anyone else having troubles? :?

NFL punters have adapted aussie rule style punting techniques since the late 1990's with Darren Barnett intruducing the NFL and punters alike to the "Drop Punt". The punter strikes the tip of the ball with the top of the foot causing backspin on the ball, this will hypothetically make the ball bounce back from the endzone when attempting coffin corners.

"Bennett is also credited for the introduction into the NFL of the "Aussie Rules kick" or "Drop punt" as it is known in Australia. The technique was instrumental in the advancement of Australians into the NFL, and currently half of the punters in the NFL make use of the Aussie Rules punt in pooch-punt situations"

Bartel is finally introducing this technique to the CFL. :smiley:

Didn't realize that NFL punters were doing that already. I always thought the NFL and CFL both used the spiral punt to maximize height and distance. I always thought that this was at the cost of making the punt harder to catch and giving it a bizarre bounce. Maybe I wasn't so far off after all.

Thanks for the info.

I get the same message even though I could see the earlier pictures too.

Me too.

Me too too....