Pictures of todays game

Here are some pictures of todays game
great game boys!! :rockin:

[url=!/photo_search.php?oid=102120456500227&view=all] ... 7&view=all[/url]
[url=!/album.php?aid=190781&id=680075758&ref=pb]!/albu ... 758&ref=pb[/url]

Part 1

[url=] ... =680075758[/url]

Part 2

Some are Doubles sorry but Facebook locked up during the upload

Great pictures

Can someone who has real friends see these photos somehow...or only if you have computer friends???

Great job....either the photographer is pretty good or the camera is great..... :roll: either way, keep em comin!

Hey Tom I think guy needs more friends or he just doesnt out that much! :roll: Who ever this guy is talking about probrally has people who cares more then what you think! IGNORANCE BLISS PEOPLE! :thdn:

Its both, but thanks! Means alot, as it takes me like 3 hrs to post them, I go threw each picture and can only post 5 at a time! So your appreciation mean alot dude. THANKS!!!

[url=] ... 7&v=photos[/url]

Was that meant for me Box_J_4_ever?

My bad I read it wrong, sorry Box-J

It all good … I Enjoy Taking Photos
Every one of the photo is done with Single Shot Camera with a 12 X Zoom(Cannon Power Shot s2is)

Not an SLR like alot people have.
I am saving for an SLR and one other thing …

For me it great Hobby
I like taking Photos more then I did Blogging over the past 5 seasons.

When I get home I look over every photo …

The Players footwork the route the WR Run
You learn alot From Photos Charlie Taaffe and I use to look over my photos.
He show me things to look for like a QB Feet when he about the throw
How the Release should look How the spits should look on an OLine.

It cause of him and Ron Lancaster then I took up Coaching Football.
Another one of my Hobbies.

Facebook sucks .

Bruce 13 nice job, thanks Pal. :thup: