pictures of the BIG O

anyone have some good pics of the BIG O during an Als game? ( the recent game against the argos, maybe )...i tryed searchin for some, but every pic is of the expos...
if so, could u please post them on here.

I posted this a while ago

thanks ...excellent pic

anyone have more?


No wonder they don't play many matches there! The closest first row seat to the field of play is about 15-20 yards, furthest could be 30 yards!

Multi use stadiums in what ever the sport are plagued by this problem... rectangular field sports (Football, rugby, soccer, lacross) are the only sports that can use the same stadium, and not sacrifice the overall atmosphere that creates a good game day experience.

When ever you try to work in an athletics track, baseball field or an oval Cricket/Ausie Rules field, you end up compromising the rectangular field. If I want to pay more for front row seats, I sure as heck don't want to have that be 20+ yards from the sideline, and or 30 feet above the field!

No wonder they are drawing better crowds and creating more atmosphere at games at the smaller outdoor stadium!

The big O sucks

Question, has anyone been to both BC Place and Big O? Looks like the distance from the field is about the same. (I know..its hard to compare pictures). I don't mind the site lines in Commonwealth (Track around it) or BC Place.

For a sporting event, but the design is very cool and unique.

I think the track around the field in Commonwealth Stadium ruins it for football.

I have been to games at the Big OWE and BC Place, BC Place is by far the better stadium, the site lines are good and their really isn't a bad seat in the house ( except those where your back is facing the big screen). During the regular season they don't sell tickets to those seats anyway.When I was at the MTL GC game I paid over $200 for my ticket and was on the 15 yard line - I may as well have been in Laval. Couldn't really see anything at the other end of the stadium. The Big OWE does suck.

Thanks WYD. Never been to Montreal so didn't know. I didn't mind Commonwealth, and I've always loved BC Place.

Thanks again for your comparison.