Pictures of the Alouettes

Hello everyone. I hope everyone is enjoying the season so far.

I was at a few of the Alouettes practices during training camp this year. I also saw a few Redmen games last year at Molson Stadium. Here are a few of the pictures I took; I especially like the one of Hamilton jumping up to catch a pass. I hope you enjoy!

(You can click on the pics and choose different sizes to make them bigger)

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Awesome job !

What kind of camera & lenses were you using ?

Thanks! I took those shots With a Canon Rebel XTi and a Canon 100-400mm L IS lens (one of the big white ones).

I hope Sony doesn't get to angry! (they are or were a major sponsor of the CFL).

Feel free to check the gallery out every once in a while, because I have many more pictures of the practices that I will eventually post. I just have not found the time to sort and post them all.