Pictures of our NEWEST Tiger-Cats fan!

Here are some pictures of my new family!

a little undersized for a Lineman right now so we may have to give it a try at outside linebacker. :slight_smile:


Absolutely adorable!! Soon that hardhat will have to be exchanged for a TiCat helmet. All the very best.

He'll be perfect for taking over from Moreno when Zeke retires!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! let me recommend one of the best parenting books I ever read (seriously), it’s called “Now I know why Tigers eat thier Young”.
Note the two Ticat links in the title? :smiley:

  • All the Best -

What a little angel. You're very lucky and you make a lovely couple. Take good care of that little one. I'm envious. All the best and thanks so much for posting those.

Couldn't have said it better :thup: :thup:


Talk about being truly blessed.
Congrats and all the best!

Thanks everyone! I've already been telling him about the Ticats. I think he's excited! lol

Good idea to talk to him early there Rusty, you want to get all the neuronal connections established as early on, so the experts say anyways!

Congrats, makes me want to have a kid but at 52 and my wife and me getting together a little late in our lives, well, we have chosen not to go this path. But when I see pictures like this, well, it does make you think again.

I love being a Dad. It's only been a month but I still love it. I can't wait to take him to his first football game, baseball game, etc... and to take him fishing and stuff... so exciting!

He's lucky to have such a great Dad. You should be very proud, Rusty.

He's already starting to get ready for his first training camp. He atempts pushups already! :stuck_out_tongue: (seriously)

Rusty you haven't told us the little guy's name......

How can we order our Ticat jerseys with his name on the back unless we know his name?

I can't believe that I forgot to mention our future All-Stars name...

Cameron Ryan Wallace!

And want to hear something crazy about my little Soldier?

  • He was born on Feb. 13th.
  • He was 13 weeks early. (3 months premature)
  • His Dad's (me) favorite number is 13.
  • His Dad lived on the 13th floor in Basic Training.
  • His Dad's platoon in Basic ining was 13 Platoon.
  • His Dad's favorite Ticat wears #13.
  • His Dad's Basic Training course lasted 13 weeks.
  • His Dad's first Trades course lasts 13 weeks.

I think it's a good luck charm.

Or I'm just over analyzing stuff! LOL

Either way... I love my little guy and after reading all of your comments... I realize that being a Ticats fan is so much more than just about football.

Thank you everyone!

Congratulations Rusty and THANK-YOU for serving our country! :thup: :thup: :thup: