Pictures/Observations from Day 1 at Camp

Some of the pictures and observations from Day 1 at training camp. Sorry for being late posting it.
  • Jason Johnson did not attend the camp today, I heard some whisperings that he had decided to retire...?(I don't know if they're true or not)
  • Ray, Lefors, and Jyles all looked phenomenal - save for a few times Ray fumbled with the snap
  • McClendon and Winkel were impressive, didn't get a chance to see Ebell or Ranek
  • Trevor Gaylor looked pretty decent and appeared very willing to listen to the coaches' suggestions
  • Mookie Mitchell looked a bit rusty
  • Fred Stamps and Andrew Nowacki stood out a little bit in my opinon
  • By far the most impressive receiver was Jason Tucker who made a really nice sideline catch
  • It was easy to see that Patrick Kabongo has lost a lot of weight
  • Fleming, Kean, and Bliss hung around on the sidelines most of the session
  • I didn't get that good of a look at the defence, but I feel as though Ray Perryman was the most impressive player on the field. During the scrimmage he would have completely levelled a receiver just as he caught the ball if it were a full contact session.