Pictures from trainng camp

:P Hi all Here are some pictures from the last two days. [3 pages] To view them go to

You got some good shots!! Thanks for sharing them with us!! :slight_smile:

Great Pics…Thanks people!

I am looking for pictures at training camp of #45, LB Corey Dodds from University of Utah. He is my nephew. i am down here in SLC, Utah and would like a report on how he is doing and some pictures.



He is looking pretty good so far :slight_smile: I have only been to one practice so far, but one of my partners in crime happened to speak with him the other day and was pretty impressed. I am looking forward to getting a better look at him and some other players soon!

Hey Kirk,

Here is a shot I got of him on the first day of training camp. It isn't an action shot, but I thought you might like it.

If I get back to training camp at all, I will try to get some action shots for you! :slight_smile:

he’s bin doing well, so far from what i see i cannot complain, hopefully he gives it his all an perform well for us this year… i was going through some pics for you and i could only come across one, a group of our LB’s and her on the right.[/img]

That is the pic that I posted, Blitz.