Pictures from the Kick Off Bash

We had a great time last night and of course I had my camera...

Take a Look!!

A couple of teasers...

What was Bob doing, wine stomping or somethin'?

Great pics, C. There are some very nice looking men there. :smiley:

I love Bob's red socks. :wink:

Can you say Peter Pan is in the house. Sorry Bob, had to do that. :wink:

Can you say Peter Pan is in the house. Sorry Bob, had to do that. Wink

Well Earl, it could have been worse. You might have referred to our Caretaker as "PIPPY LONG STOCKINGS"
Now don't get me wrong, Earl, I'm really a macho guy, I got this terminology from my grand daughter. :rockin: :cowboy:

Yes.. yes there are.

Me Too!!! I think they're snazzy!

They're my "lucky" red socks.

The story goes that I owned a pair of red socks and by chance, early in my career, I wore them to work on the day we closed our biggest order. So they became my lucky red socks that I would wear whenever we needed some luck. But then I went to work building a company called Red Hat where we were selling free-software, so we needed all the luck we could get. I gave away all my other socks and bought a drawer full of nothing but red socks, and given the great success of Red Hat, there must have been something to my superstition.

I've been assuming that the good fortune that they brought me at Red Hat would translate to the Tiger-Cats, but if we don't have a good season this year I might have to invest in a drawer full of yellow socks.

However, with Charlie and Marcel and Scott on the case I'm confident my red socks are safe this year. :wink: