Pictures from June 3 afternoon Training Camp

A couple of teasers...

See the rest...

Great pics, C.

Too bad this isn't like facebook... you could tag the 5 QB's.

Oh my god Cara…you never cease to amaze me year after year with your unique photos…this photo of all five QB’s fading back for a throw has got to be the best shot I’ve seen ever (imagine they are all throwing to one receiver…hahaha)…keep 'em coming my friend!..and I’ll re-iterate what I’ve been saying for a few years now…the Ticats should issue you a field pass just so you can supply us fans with these awesome photos…you are the best!

thanks heaps! :smiley:

Can anyone list the qb,s front to back in photo?

King, Chang, Maas, and looks like Butler than Williams.

The one on the left is Maas(11)
In front is King (12)
Next is Chang (7)
The two at the back are Butler (2) in the white socks, and Williams (17)

makes sense now.

Sorry. I edited it.....Blame senility.

Nice pics! I love the shot of the 5 QB's dropping back! Very cool!

You take pictures like you make cancer fighting bracelets. The shots are just amazing, great artistic eye.


The QB There Today Where:
11 Maas
7 Timmy Change
2 Rocky Buttler
17 Ritchie Willams
12 Shawn King
? Coach Taff Son Was Also Throwing

Thanks folks.. I have to admit, I am pretty pleased with the qb pic.. that's why I used it as my first teaser!!

I should be going back down to camp next weekend, so if you have any requests for pics, let me know.. I make no promises, but I will certainly do my best for you.

Awesome pics! The QB's are now my desktop background. Thanks very much. :smiley:

Great pics caiteag!! by the way, is your camera able to take videos? hint. :slight_smile:

Yes, the camera can take videos, but video recording is strictly banned at training camp and I'm not about to get myself in trouble.