Pictures - 101st Grey Cup

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I saw that yesterday after my walk around the stadium when I got back over to King Street. Awesome!!

Remember when HSR buses were painted black and gold. :thup:

The locker room:

Box J Boys:

Two famous Ticat fans:

Actually I do - in the 70s when I was a student at Mac and the Ticats won the Grey Cup AT HOME!! What an atmosphere in the city that day!! :slight_smile:

That pic of Austin sort of sums up what I had said earlier. He's sometimes a bit of an ass. I'm sure Chamblin who just won the Grey Cup and "might" have been caught up in it, would have arrived soon enough to shake Austin's hand. I'm thinking there's a reason why Austin has no loyalty to any team for very long. That being said. Hope he sticks around here for awhile.

Some of Austin’s actions have rubbed me the wrong way, but I’m not sure it’s fair to criticize him on this. I can imagine being in his shoes in this situation and using body language not to express exasperation that the other coach isn’t there, but merely to non-verbally express to those around him the simple factual message: “I’m here to shake the other coach’s hand. Where is he?” I could see someone doing this almost unconsciously upon arriving at midfield and not finding the opposing coach. However, I can certainly imagine Austin justifiably not wanting to linger on the field longer than necessary while the Riders celebrated.

Cool pics thanks for posting,next year you'll be able to snap a few with the Grey Cup as it is presented to the Tiger-Cats.

Hey isn't that Mayor "Britannia" with Martin Short & Tom Hanks? :slight_smile:

So She wants to put a Grey Cup in her Queen? Which is English for the word "Regina"? :? :lol:

Video of Martin Short and Tom Hanks clowning around during the game while being shown on the stadium video board