Picture Quality in USA

Watching the Toronto/Saskatchewan game Saturday evening off Dishnetwork here in the states & the picture quality is marginal at best. Very unsharp, blurry picture, hard to watch especially a full field shot, closeups not quite as bad. Checked 2 different sports channels & both have the same picture quality. Commercials are much sharper so I suspect its the feed from the CBC.
The wife watched for a bit while eating our dinner pizza & she agrees the picture is not good.

Yes it is the feed. Technology makes all the difference and TSN is much better. Your commercials where better quality because they cut away from the CBC to show you commercials from the states on the channel you're watching.

When I had Dishnet last year I noticed the picture quality on those station was much worse than both CBC or TSN.
I would guess that the signal is first sent from the Canadian network to some central studio in the States, and then distributed from there to the various regional stations. I bet that where the signal deterioration is happening.

That is where it takes place along with the signal also being sent up to the satellite itself. But, I have Directv and my picture is pretty good even on a twenty year old T.V.

There was a definate problem with the CBC feed for at least the first half. I watch the CFL games here in Canada on a HD TV and the first half was definately not in HD (black bars on the sides, not 16:9 ratio. However early in the second half all of a sudden the screen is 16:9 and true HD. For the first couple of minutes after getting the picture back up to HD standard we lost the play by play announcers. Looks to me that they had problems with the video equipment for at least the first half anyways.

anyone else notice the virtual first-down line was moving around alot during the game?

Maybe it's to much Old Milwaukie LOL

the commercials in the US really suck, I have seen them so many times that I can say them out loud to my now. Almost would rather pay the $10 to watch games online.

and yeah, the pic is bad, but not as bad as last year when watching TSN, the red bled into everything.