Pics/Vids of Training Camps

Who has them?

even if they did have a video, nobody would be able to post it on here.

Some teams provide you with pictures right on their official site.

Unfortunately you must pay to use the Riders website.

Sorry SaskPower, not true. Anyone can access the Rider website, but only fan club members can access selected features. Some photos, videos and articles require membership but other do not. Also the forum section is for fan club members only.

There are other sites like Riderfans that anyone can jump into fray.

What is wrong with offering fan club members special privilages?

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I know what the Riders website is thank-you.

I never said there was anything wrong with the fact you must pay, however no other team site asks this of their fans. I only said it was unfortunate.

lol special privileges. you mean so desperdate for extra revenue that they scrue THERE OWN FANS LOL

how much do hotdogs cost at taylor field....16.00 bucks for hotdogs 50 cents for ketchup and 1.00$ for mustard lol

You know if thats what it takes to keep the team going it is a great jesture the fans that pay. But really thye are the only team that can charge for marketing their own team. You want the extras you pay it is that simple. You could not do that anywhere else for sure. The rider fans love their football and that costs them money.

And I should mention I do pay.

I think that’s silly. The Roughriders are a business; their product is the team itself, not the web site. The web site should be looked at as a marketing tool. Charging people to access it is like making people pay to watch commercials.

But they probably do it so only Rider fans will post on their forums. That way no one ever disagrees and the Riders are always the best team in the league.