pics of frank clair stadium?

does anyone have pics of the stadium, that they can post on here...i cant find anything on yahoo.

[url=] ... lair.shtml[/url]

Apparantly seats close to 30 000.

thatnks for the pics...does anyone else have any?....grey cup 04 perhaps?

google images

So where is the ice hockey stadium? herad they had one under the bleachers at FCS.

It took the metro and is now under the BIG O

What a great stadium on the Rideau Canal and not out in a corn pasture like the Corel Centre or ScotiaBank Arena or whatever it is called. this is a gem of a stadium IMO.

It is a great stadium. A couple of years ago, they were planning to put houses and condos there. The Civic Centre is nice too, good arena for the 67's.

so the civil centre in under the stadium? where?

Yes, it is, one side of the Civic Centre has a low ceiling. North stands.

I've got a lot of pictures from Grey Cup '04. Here are just a few, click to view a bigger picture....enjoy.

stand on the left of that top pic?

yes, on the left of that pic.


Have you seen kanata as of late the area is massive.There is only two famrs and there are in between nepean and kanata.The sbc in not ona corn pasture.

the palladium/corel centre/scotiabank place should have been built in downtown ottawa not in Kanata.

Indeed, there is a hockey rink under that grandstand.

The whole thing was built in 1966-67.

The 1966 season was the last season for the old grandstand on the North Side - it was green and cream-colored, believe it or not, and it was beautiful - benches seating two people throughout that stand - it seated 9400, the one you see now seats 15,000....but the old stand had posts!

Ottawa had been awarded the Grey Cup in '67 - Centennial year, on the condition that they tear down the old grandstand and build a new one.

They needed to get started a year in advance, i.e. in 1966, so the Ottawa Rough Riders had to play their playoff home game in Montreal - against Hamilton, so that demolition/construction could get underway.

The new stadium was ready for the 1967 season, with the hockey rink underneath - the Ottawa 67s were born that year, whencefrom the name, and they STILL play in that rink....matter of fact, the Ottawa Senators played in that rink till the Palladium (later the Corel Centre, then whatever commercial name they're calling it this year, I have no idea and don't care).

There's actually a door below that football stand, around center field, and if you open it, you're right in the hockey rink, 11 rows up! The rink has only one tier and 11 rows on the football-stadium side, but has 33 rows on the other side - total capacity = 9800.

1967- those were the days!

and they had it in the 2004 DVD if I'm not mistaken, god that's awesome!!!

No it is perfect where it is.

1)Traffic would have been a nightmare.
2)A good number of season ticket holders are from the west end kanata lakes etc.

1)Not close to down town.

Things may get worse for people downtown.The 67s are lookiing at building there new rink in kanata.

I still believe FCS is the best sporting venue in the CFL, the atmosphere on a packed night is not to be matched