Pics of a SOLDOUT BC Place; this is what we could see Sunday

Pics of a SOLDOUT BC Place 59,621; we could very well see this Sunday!

Haven't seen a stadium that full since Commonwealth in '97 for the Grey Cup.

I do not think iit is going to sell out,we need to hit 50,000 by tom, and i do not think that is going to happen, just heard we hit over 44,000

It would be like those pics but everyone will be wearing orange!!

Great photo can't wait to see this one :slight_smile:

Should be sold out then cause we were at 41 000 before the weekend.

well they better get on with it and open up the East end zone cause with them pissing around like this, every hour that goes by they lose that many more in ticket sales. :expressionless:

I meant that if the crowd is all green that the remaining 19 000 tickets are people coming from Saskatchewan. lol

to add to the 19000 Riders fans who bought tickets already anyway. Looking at 1/3 Lions fans.....NOT!

Ooooohhh... look at all that canned noise! Shameful!