Pics from the Oct 15 final home game of the season

I made a promise to a pal.
Here there be pictures!!

And a few teasers...

GORGEOUS pictures. If you're not already a professional photographer (which I highly suspect you are)... you SHOULD BE! I really enjoyed scrolling through them. That was fun. Thanks!

very nice,

Thanks guys.. no Deedle, I'm not a pro.. just an amateur who loves photography.

Great to see your pics again C!! Great job as usual. I'll send you the pic I took of you and Rads sometime today

Thanks sweetie!! You rock.

Pictures are AWESOME!!thumbs up you should really think about being a
photgrapher ..again awesome pics :thup:

Thanks so much for all the pics! not only this season but always! I have a hard time taking pics!! so I really appreaciate guys do rock!! some of the best fans!!


Thanks Dan.. you know I think you rock the casbah too!!

Great pics caiteag! :thup:

:thup: :thup:

Very nice pic's --you certainly have great talent
sir. I got great pleasure out of them.