Pics from the June 9th pre-season game.

Sorry it has taken me a week guys, I've been insanely busy.

Here are the teasers:

The rest can be found HERE


who is this....

[url=] ... 06_40a.jpg[/url]

it looks like a weird mix between TC and Stripes.....

That is TC. He has a new costume with a much nicer (and I'm sure more practical) head.

Oh, I don't like it, he looks like stripes. Bring back the old TC Head!!!

Good pics caiteag! :thup:

This is TC new Look..

To each their own, I guess!! I love the new head. I don't think it looks anything like Stripes, it still looks like TC.. just a little more modern and MUCH cleaner!!! I heard a lot of people at the game telling TC how good he looked!! :slight_smile: I'm also hoping it will stop the "They're going to get rid of TC" whining.. they wouldn't have put money into a brand new costume if they were trying to ditch TC! :slight_smile:

Great job C. Thanks for getting the pics I asked for :wink: You got some great shots. Glad I was wrong about that though. :smiley:

Me too!! You know I do my best to fill any requests I get.