Pics From The First Day of Training Camp

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Here are the teasers...

Check out the rest HERE.

Edited to add: Sorry that pic 19 was so huge. It has been fixed. :slight_smile:

Great job as usual C. Your pics are much beter than mine.

Yeah!Terrific shots caiteag!Makes me want the season to start tomorrow.It's been a looooong offseason.

nice pics the stadium looks really nice

Been out of touch, what is the status of McMaster’s stadium?

Nice pics....Thanks "C"!

Are they all open practices?

ticatfan1, honestly atm, they have a field. It is a VERY nice field, but it is just a field. They do have some temporary bleachers, but from what I understand it WILL look like, there is still a lot of work left to do.

fletch-17, I think so. The listing of practice times is here on the site.

I have the list, just wanted to make sure.

im pist that the first pre season game isnt in hamilton!! gotta wait soo long now to see them live!

How's the esks' good ol' buddy Maas doing?

Excellent photos of day one of Ticat training camp, caiteag. Your efforts are appreciated.

By the way, the new practice field now being used by the Ticats at McMaster University will be used as a practice field for the Marauder football and soccer teams. The new football stadium will be built upon lands adjacent to the north of the new athletic complex. It is expected to be completed by September, 2007.

Great pictures! Just trying match up the numbers with latest roster there is quite a few players with numbers not listed...but from some of the newcomers with numbers that are listed new QB Richie Williams looks all of the 6'03 he's listed at, OT Greg Randle looks like he should lose 40-50 lbs to play in the CFL and Troy Cunningham looks like a well built DL with good size. The turf looks good.

Here is some pics from tuesday training camp

Hitchcock, do you think maybe you could turn those into links? They take up a lot of room and push the board out of wack....I'm like the yellow pants, I wish we still had them :frowning:

Great pics Hitch. I have some from Sunday when i get a chance maybe I'll post a few.

Sounds good. Look forward to the pics

hey does anybody else have pics from recent camps besides day 1??? if so send me the link