Pics from Regina

Here are our pics taken with various Alouettes in the hotel that we, and they, stayed at in Regina:

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Wow! Méchant voyage!

C'est l'fun de voir quelqu'un qui veut bien partager ses souvenirs plutôt que de les vendre.

On est contents pour vous, Jack!

Sorry, I am not fluent in French. . .

Those are some nice keep sakes. You must be a proud Als fan.

You done good in Sask, boys. Pack red for Edmonton, as I have no doubt there will be some "bounty" hunders on the turf tomorrow.

Prayers for a safe and productive journey,

:rockin: Rap

MadJack - Als vs Riders game - July 1st 2010

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thanks for sharing the pictures. Looks great!

Sorry. . . it's our tradition to wear home colours of wherever we attend each anniversary.

Hope you had an Als T under that ugly thing there Gazoo. Don't care if its little baby jesus birthday I would not let those green horrible garbs touch my skin as long as I was alive but that's just me.