Picks... Penalties... Procedure... and more!

Way too many turnovers. You can't win when it is that close losing the turnover battle.
It looked like the receivers didn't come back to the ball a couple of times and Zack did look off tonight. I'm not too concerned about him but our new receivers need to get on the same page.

Penalties. Too many too often. Actually hurt the Al's equally though. Some were inexcusable such as Hickman pulling Cato out of the pile by the back of his helmet.

I think I heard Pete Dyakowski get called for four procedure calls tonight. Two is pretty bad but four? Wow.

I am eagerly looking forward to C.J. getting back. There must be more balance in our play calling. I am not convinced that the coaches will do that though. Tommy and Kent are pass happy. We will see when our backs get healthy.
The quick approach to the line on second and two in the fourth quarter was a complete bust. No need to rush that play and it cost us huge on the turnover.

Nice game by the defence. Very solid. Fantastic on the run stop.

Last and least, the TSN crew make me sick when they are gushing all over the Al's all game long. "Cato to the green lantern!". Are you kidding me? The crap with these guys never stops.

I expect a much more focused game next week.

Oski Wee Wee!

I think your being nice to Pete, saying 4 times. He sure wasn’t the smartest Canadian out there tonight and I believe he was actually flagged 5 times.

You don't think Als fans are sick of hearing about "Speedy" Banks? Come on. Rod Black is the world's worst human, agreed, and those nicknames are just embarrassing, but TSN doesn't pump us any more than any other team.

Personally, I believe most Als fans enjoy watching the two punt return TDs from last year's Eastern Final over and over again. They really were spectacular plays, deserving of the highest praise. Among the greatest playoff performances in league history.

Then there's the Great and Poweful Cato, who has thrown exactly 4 TD passes in his illustrious CFL career. Not sure if it's worthwhile for Als opponents to even show up this year.

Look, as I've said, I hate Rod Black just as much as the next person, and the nicknames are awful. But he is equal-opportunity awful when it comes to CFL teams. And his performance, as a 23-year-old CFL rookie, through 4 games is unusually good. No, he hasn't proven anything yet in the long term, but we Als fans will gladly take this after Crompton, Smith, Brink, etc. And anyhow, that's a separate issue from the idea that TSN lavishes more praise on one team over another. How many times did I hear about "Sticky" Stala from Rod Black when Stala was a Cat? :wink:

Here's the thing. It's the Ticat forum, and our team just lost, and we're venting.

Probably not totally necessary at this moment to have the record set straight by the opposing fans.

Kent is that you ? :lol:
Come on man. Season's just starting and your team lost one on the road.

Fair enough.

Hey D&P, it's good for the Als and the league that you guys have a fun new rookie QB to watch and cheer for. He is a pretty good feel good story especially considering his upbringing.

Banks is referred to as "Speedy" by just about everyone who knows the CFL. I don't believe the attention given to him is undeserved. Seven consecutive regular season games with a return until tonight when it was called back (again!! grr..).

I try to be unbiased but the Cats do seem to be on the short end of the stick with TV coverage. Frankly, it used to bother me a lot more but now I really don't care. I just cheer hard for my team. Fans that know the game and the league really know what is worth getting excited about and what is not. The green lantern remark was just so over the top ridiculous that I had to comment.

We'll see ya in the Hammer where we are undefeated for the rematch!


I'm glad I missed that Green Lantern idiocy. I really think TSN is missing out not bringing in Pierre Vercheval who I believe's English is fine. Watching a game in French is night and day compared with putting up with TSN's motley crew. Listening to Vercheval reminds me of listening to Ron Lancaster.

Vercheval would be a welcome addition. He was a solid player respected by fans and players alike.
How TSN sticks with a figure skating expert is beyond me... Lancaster was great.

I'd have to do some analysis but it seems to me that when the Cats don't score a special teams or defensive touchdown in a game they are a sub 500 team. The D did well to limit Montreal to 17 points given the injuries and Cato's effectiveness.

It seemed like many of those procedure calls could easily have been called offside or nothing, There were far too many penalties in this game, the players were to blame for most of them, but I don't think all of them.

Discipline, as much as I enjoy watching Brandon Banks perform those exciting punt returns, I can equally understand your frustration with the repetition of it. I can remember well my seething when Johnnie Rodgers would take one to our house. Especially, when he would run the last 15 yards backwards.

We too have our issues with the mashing of other teams' players names and such into our brains by these same TSN broadcast crews.

Congratulations on your win.

HfxTC is right. The season is young.

Let's just not have a repeat of last night for Hamilton.

I'll bet! I feel the same way about Banks. Now, of course, he's a phenomenal player, not taking that away from him. But no fan likes having another team's superstar forced down his throat by the TSN announcers.

We too have our issues with the mashing of other teams' players names and such into our brains by these same TSN broadcast crews.
I think what it comes down to is TSN's announcers are just really bad and equal-opportunity offensive to all CFL fans.
Congratulations on your win.

HfxTC is right. The season is young.

Let's just not have a repeat of last night for Hamilton.

Thanks. We needed this big time, after dropping our home opener to Ottawa. Given how tight the division is going to be, we could not afford to head into the bye week at 1-3, having already played three home games. You guys haven't even played at home yet! Some home cooking + injured players returning and you should be fine. I still think Hamilton is the team to beat in the East. Most complete team in all three phases IMO.

I literally had to cringe after watching each play last night fearing a flag was going to me thrown!!! Not to mention that Rod Black almost relishes the fact of pointing them out when they occur.... He is brutal, what ever happened to Matt Devlin?? I know busy with Raptors but he was so refreshing a couple years ago for that game he did:))

Perhaps instead of Kent having his temper tantrums
on the sideline he needs to install some discipline on his team. Yes, they only can practise 4 and 1/2 per day but c'mon man!!! Illegal procedure, off sides, ridiculous time count violations at crucial times.... These are professional football players... Have a team meeting and have some sort in-house consequences for taking those inexcusable penalties!!! Same player, more than 1 of the same penalty, seriously!!! Step up to the plate coaches and players!!

Someone "gotta esplain" the absurd call on Figs for illegal participation. The D lineman puts both hands to the facemask and knocks Figgy's helmet off. Kim(the angry garden gnome) Murphy misses that call but throws the flag when Figs continues to block for his quarterback. This is where "Jake", the man behind the curtain, should be talking to Murphy through the headset and tell him that you screwed up once, don't magnify it by screwing up again. Murphy and his crew have a hate on for the TiCats and sadly it shows. We don't pay to watch the zebras and I do know that some of them claim to be only human but enough already with the flags! Let the players play. At the end of a well officiated game, the fans should have difficulty remembering who wore the stripes. :roll:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

A troubling aspect is that even though the helmet rule is intended for player safety, Figueroa arguably would have been putting himself at much greater risk if he had suddenly gone passive when his helmet came off while he was still engaged with the D lineman.

Hamilton: 16 penalties for 112 yards
Montreal: 13 penalties for 100 yards

Looks like the officials called it pretty evenly to me. We had at least one sketchy RTP call on us, so it's not like they didn't blow calls on both sides.