Picks of new stadium for Giants and Jets

This is going to be one gorgeous facility. Interesting having two teams work together on this.

That's a brutal stadium. Nobody likes stadiums where the only thing you can see is the field and other people looking at the field.
It's a cookie-cutter design, the same type of design everyone has abandoned.

Heinz field had the right idea....check out the view from inside that stadium...

That Giants/Jets stadium looks like a big box with as many seats in it as possible. Zero atmosphere. Heck...even Skydome looks like it would have more atmosphere than that place.

Aside from the bright colours, it looks OK. But man, how small is the American field... :lol:

Nobody likes a stadium where all you can see is the field and people.

What are you talking about?

You want to have open endzones? Is that what you are saying?

You are not a fan of a stadium where you can see the field. I guess you would prefer one that has portions of the field unviewable (justy like your heinz field pic). As for the Skydome, the amount of people you can see while in a sold out skydome show is immense. Bodies are everywhere.

I am unsure as what it is you look for in atmosphere.

I think the stadium is a good concept.

Can never have enough Video Screens, despite how much I love watching the live field action without the use of video.

Thryllin...you missed the point. Look at all the brand new NFL and MLB stadiums. They all have a view of some kind (for the most part).
These stadiums where you can't see anything but the stadium itself are dumb. It's a vacuum.
Tell me...would you rather see games in a stadium like this...
Photo 1
Or in a stadium like this...
Photo 2

Especially in an outdoor stadium...people want to feel they are outdoors. Not just in a massive structure with no roof.
In an outdoor stadium people should be able to see the outdoors, and I don't just mean the sky above.

OK... um, if I'm going to any kind of sporting event, the outside is irrelevant! My attention is focused solely on the game being played.

It's football dood...start, stop, start, stop, start, stop.
You can't have these tank stadiums that remove all atmosphere for a sport has that amount of downtime. Fans want to watch games in a 'nice' place, not an oversized steel box.
If most fans were like you every stadium would be a dome and zero effort would be put into making them unique.
That isn't the case.

Look at the majority of new MLB stadiums...and even NFL stadiums. They are mostly all incorporating some view of a skyline or including features (away from the field) that are unique and esthetically pleasing.

The whole point of going to a game is to experience the atmosphere. The guys cheering next to you, or across from you are a part of that atmosphere... the trees and buildings outside of the stadium are not... I couldn't care less about how new stadiums are being built.

Well they are being built that way for a reason.
I agree..the fans surrounding you are PART of the atmosphere, so is the game, so is the building.
I'm just saying why I think that Giants/Jets stadium is a bad design. You haven't exactly told me why you think it is a good design though.

It's a good design because it focuses on the field... the most important thing!

Every stadium focuses on the field. I haven't been to a stadium yet where I got to my seat and found it pointing the wrong way.

So, then why is there a sudden need to show the skyline? I could understand someone complaining about the architecture of the building... but complaining because you don't have a view of the skyline... who cares? You're not going to a game to look at the skyline!

I'm not going to a game to be in a steel box either. It's an outdoor game...it should FEEL like it's outdoors. Not a tin can with the top removed.
Tell me then..why do you think the majority of new stadiums are incorporating a scenic view of outside the stadium? Just to blow a few extra bucks on something that doesn't really matter?

Why don't you ask the people who are building the stadiums...

Is that the best you've got??

I asked YOU why YOU think they are doing it. Why would I ask the people building the stadiums to tell me what you think?

I already told you why I like the stadium, therefore, yes, you will have to ask the people why they're building stadiums the way they are...

No you didn't...you told me why you like every stadium that has ever existed. "Because it focuses on the field", that's true for every stadium throughout history.
What makes you like the design of this particluar stadium?

Of your two pics the Seahawks field looked great and a nicer than the Vikings’ field.

I wasn’t trying to be a prick about it but I am certain that being in the new Jets/Giants stadium with a sold out crowd would be a very intense atmosphere.

Do the Jets ever play the Giants? I don’t think they do. If they did who is the home team?

They will also have to paint the field for every game they play there. Won’t they?

It may be nice to see a view of the city but every stadium has it’s unique features.

Rock n’ Roll. Stadium still looks great in my eyes. Oh well.

They already play in the same building...so I'm sure all of these issues have been addressed.
It probably would be pretty intense to be there for a packed house...but so was SkyDome, now everyone hates that building.
At least Toronto HAD to build a Dome, what is the Jets/Giants excuse? I mean...you might as well slap a roof on that thing, no reason not to.

I think J-93 has an excellent point. That being said, this is football and in a huge football market where they just plain have to get enough seats in. If they don't enclose it, then they would have to go up higher on the sides. Ideally yes, it's great to have some openings to see a skyline or just outside but practically this might not be possible in cases where large numbers of seats is needed. Michigan Stadium which as a seating capacity of 100,000, would be tough to have any open air stuff.
At least there is no roof which lets it show as a completely open air stadium.