picks for the next month

so seeing as i am picking the next months worth of games ahead of time i was curious if anyone else wanted to challenge my picks. for bragging riights only. i am gone for the next while so mine count for big daves virtual cup and i am just curious to see how everyones picks will change during the next few weeks as the games unfold and injuries continue to occur. so lets see everyones predictions up to and including labour day.

this was my posting in the virtual cup page

okay big dave, i am gone for a while so here is the next few weeks.
week 7
mont edm ham wpg
sask tor bc wpg
mont ott bc edm (hope i am wrong about ott/wpg)
tor wpg mont bc
mont wpg tor cgy
12 i should be back by this time.
having to pick this far ahead is going to do nothing for my standing. hopefully no big injuries occur to screw everything up for me. damon- you better be okay!

Wow... you really believe the Bombers are heading into a 4-1 sequence?

it is possible. and if we ever have a 4-1 strecvh this year this is as good a chance as we will get. overoptimistic?? quite likely but i am hoping daley smartens up a little. if we play stoddard and use regimbald. stop using sotkes mcgarity and peterson, then yes i think it is very possible. problem is i highly doubt that will happen and i will end up being disaapointed when i get back. if wpg continues to play poorly and allen is really hurt my ranking is going to dro from 4th to 40th in a few weeks.

by the way, we are playing ham twice and then cgy sask and ott.

I give you a 2-3 run...There's just so much you can do with Peterson's dropped passes and McGarity's fumbles.

Yes... you know they'll stay involved in the offense, so...

They may even have a better record than.........MONTREAL.......who are over the hill.........and need to rebuild....... :wink:

Montreal are the BUFFALO BILLS of the CFL........

so no takers eh?? what are ya yella? lets see some predictions for the next month up front.

how come you arent in my pool anymore blackdale?

takes too much time for me 32001

i can only imagine how much time it takes to tally the results. i could just throw out names with no thought but that takes some of the fun out of it. the last time i checked i was back at the bottom of your stats. i guess i can take pride in one poorly picked week. i commend you for keeping that going though. if i had more free time i would participate.

actually i will pick glenn wynn stegall stoddard roberts regimbald woodson mcgriggs samuels fields brown walls westwood for the rest of the year. i hope you can use this list because i gotta get going and won't be putting it in the correct thread. if not no worries. not like i will win with these picks.


so it's okay if i take you off the list?

yeah , although whoever is second last might like having someone below them. good work with this though even if i am not involved.

wait. i forgot that i gave you my true blue list. i will have to check to see how i am doing now. don't erase me yet.

Rebuild no. remodel prob. Their offence is not the problem they have scored more points than any other team.

They just need to remodel the defence

buffalo already rebuilt, with Lee Evans and McGahee, maybe Losman, they are headed to the top with a top 5 defense

The Chiefs will win this year's Superbowl. You heard it here first.

nope....Cowboys vs. Raiders

No way, I see the Colts finally doing it, and watch out for Kyle Orton in Chicago. I think he'll light it up this year. You heard it here first!

Colts will never win, Peyton keeps get injured in the playoffs, you can tell by how he chokes.....Titans win the division, they have a revamped offense

look for Kyle Orton to do average in a run offense....but he will be better than what Hutchinson did last year

Henry Buris did more with the Bears then Hutchinson ever did, but before somebody sh*ts on us for talking NFL we better stop. :lol:

Hutchinson was getting better, but i think it was all he was gonna get.......Orto has more potential