Picks for 06

Sorry if this is a repeat post guys
At this point in time here are my picks for the finish of the season


Grey Cup
Sask beats Hamilton in a close game, maybe by a field goal

What are your picks and what do you think of mine.

The question is, what do you think of your picks?

You can repeat that anytime you'd like cexner, i mean who could argue with the Riders being 2006 Grey Cup champs................GO RIDERS

You didn't see the subject when I posted that. The topic was, what if Crandall was the starter, we didn't have Joeseph and Armstead. I think that makes a big difference. Also we have Domingez back as well. The Riders are a much stonger team when you add those few key players

OK you're right I missed the topic but do you really thing that 2 players will make the diference between 4th and winning the cup?

They addressed the major areas of concern

ah the beautiful delusion of a rider fan. you gained two good players lost holmes and your kicker. sounds like a grey cup team to me.

Yes blackdale,we are not only a Grey Cup team , but will be Grey Cup champs of 2006 , I am glad you see the light and the color of that light is a beautiful green isin't it, It's not to late for all the nay sayers to hop on the Rider Nation bus, it's going to be a great ride..............GO RIDERS

I hope that you meant to have WPG cross over. If not, you prediction is way off.

No he meant for Winnipeg to finish dead last.

therefore, his prediction is way off, the world makes sense again!

I think Winnipeg is going to have a similar season to Hamiltons in 03, maybe even worse

Sounds like the simalr posts on the Bomber forum....Grey Cup parades based on a back up QB leading the team! :wink:

In my opinion, the Riders have done a great job of upgrading their roster. I will give you my opinion as to standings then I will justify them.


  1. Edmonton
  2. BC
    T3. Calgary
    T3. Sask


  1. Toronto
  2. Hamilton
  3. Montreal
  4. Winnipeg


West Breakdown:

  1. Edmonton
    Even tho in my opinion they lost the better of their 2 quarter back in Jason Mass, Ricky Ray is still one of the top 5 Qbs in the CFL. There is too much talent, depth, and money here to think they will end up anywhere other that 1st in the west. Their only downfall could be Danny Macoica (I honestly have no idea how to spell this guys name properly), his players make him look good, and he does little for the team.

  2. BC
    I don't feel that they will be as strong as they started out the season last year, the loss of Printers was big for them as he was the better player, but Dickensen is the leader take from that what you want. BC will still have an impressive offense and a strong defense. They will pose problems for teams they play.

T3. Calgary
Do not forget how well Calgary played in the latter portion of last season. Tom Higgins is a quality coach who knows what he is doing. Burris has a great arm and he has some young quality receivers to pass to. Not to mention Reynolds at running back, this is going to be a quality offense. As to their defense they are one of the top 3 in the league (the 3 being Calgary, Sask, Toronto how that order plays out has yet to be seen). The reason I have them ahead in the tie with sask is due to the fact that I think their defense matches up much too well again what Sask does offensivly, they have strong fast linebackers and a solid line wich is capable of killing the running attack.

T3. Sask
The addition of Joseph and Armstrong saves the Riders from flat out being last in the West. Don't kid yourself by thinking I am going to nay say about the Riders here, the 06 Riders are going to be a better team than last year that is for certain, in saying that I think with the dispersal of the Renegades the CFL hasn't seen this much tallent in a long time and I don't think that the Riders will be able to over come that this year. This is the only reason I have them low, but they deffinitly have ptential to finish ranked 2nd to 4th with the ammount of talent in the league at the moment. They will be alot of fun to watch this year, offensively they have the potential now to be one the elite offenses in the CFL this year. Defensivly they may be taking a slight step back, all in all I think that they will end up in 3rd tied and losing the tie to Calgary as I said before Calgarys D I think is way too capable of handling the type of Offensive attack the Riders will bring.

West Round Up:
To be 100% honest this is probably the strongest this Division has ever been with Sask adding Joseph and Armstrong. Each and every team in this division has the potential to finnish from 1st to 4th. Edmonton I think is still the favourite to walk away with it, but the tallent in the west is stronger and better than ever.

East Breakdown:

  1. Toronto
    If Damon Allen still has the tallen he has shown in the last few years look out. This offense is powerfull with lots of wepons the addition of Keith Stokes is what puts them in 1st over hamilton. If by the long shot chance they do land Ricky Williams this team will win the GC. Don't over look their Defence top 3 possibly the best in the league. Pin ball will always keep this team in contention there is alot to be said about his character and what he has done in TO.

  2. Hamilton
    They will live and die on the shoulders of Mass, he will be the emotional leader of this team, there hasn't been a quarterback in the CFL as gutsy as this guy for a long time. They will finish 2nd on heart alone, wich is something that Mass will enforce into this team. They wont have the flashiest (is that a word) roster in the league but they will work harder for that inch than most of the other teams and there is alot to be said for that.

  3. Montreal
    Step back year for montreal, there is still alot of talen on this team but Matthews is at the end of his rope and unless the assistant coaches and AC and keep the gears greased and running they wont play all that well. Look for some major questions in the secondary this year. Montreal still have some of the most dagerous receivers in the league and AC is one of the best QBs in the league.

  4. Winnipeg
    Winnipeg will be the only push over in the CFL this year, I don't think that Kevin Glenn is a starting caliber QB altho he did show signs of something desirable last year at times. Winnipegs defence is not horrible but by no means will it be one of the stronger ones. Charles Robers can work miracles and he will always have to be watched, and Stegall will do great in the slot but his playing days are winding down if he can stay healthy as well as Roberts they may have an outside shot at 3rd.

East Round up:
Toronto is the power in the East, if you were to take the other 3 teams into the west I would rank all of them at the basement enough said. Look for Toronto or Hamilton in the GC but more than likely Toronto, Hamilton will need a year or so to be the #1

The only thing I would take issue with is BC finishing second, If DD gets injured, BC will take a steep nosedive and wind up fourth. Even with Dickenson, I think that they will finish last.

I agree with you partially sambo, but I think that Buono is a great coach and even if DD wheels do fall off he has a nack for finding tallent, watch for their O line to step it up this year, and the addition of McCallum will help, don't forget how horrible their kicking game was. Honestly I think the biggest question on this team at the moment is who is going to anchor MLB with the loss of Simpson? I am more worried about their D dropping off than their O.