Picking on the Riders fans

Hey there. Not enough posts/ excitement going on here the past couple days so I figure I should start some trash talking.

Hey Rider fans, how do you think your precious Green team will do this year? Well losing Burris means you don't have a quarterback who can hit an open man consistently. Neon Green will have to run to the open man to do a handoff. Since you lost Burris, you are doomed to miss the playoffs. Eskies, Lions and Stamps will take the playoff spots. At least you are used to your team losing that it won't be such a shock to you.

Have fun.

Go Stamps Go.

Given that the Riders' QB situation is worrying, I heard that Joe Paopao offered Shriver to trade for Kerry Joseph. Paopao wanted to get an owner in return. Shriver had to decline the offer, saying the Riders don't even have one.

Good one, 3&10. Since the Joseph trade never worked out, I hear that Danny Barrett is going to dress in uniform on the sidelines and switch up with Neon at every 2nd & 10 (i.e. after every time Neon tries to throw the ball).

But you forget, they also have Marcus Crandell now!

Man, when the Esks had Greene and Crandell back in 2000 we were unbeatable! The Riders are going to rule as always.

........what will Danny's uniform look like? Drive-in Car Hop on rollerskates? Marching Band Major? USAF Flight Suit? Stay tuned...........

the esks had crandell

and i think people can agree with me that they are not in the same shape they were 5 years ago.

Burris is a good QB and has great energy and charisma. I am not pleased that we lost him however, I do believe that Greene will take us just as far as Burris did. They are both great QBs, they coach - Danny Barrett needs to know when to pull Greene if his style of play is not right for the game, Greene is not the problem - he never has been.

then what is?

Is that PAM Shriver?

.............no EM(angryman), Turd and Ten meant to write 'Shivers', who we all know is the GM of the Riders, he didn't mean the tennis star, it was simply a spelling mistake, isn't that silly?...........

diddo…and you shouldve gone with maria shriver, more people know her, if ur gonna insult someone you should do it better to decrease the ammount people pick on you.

........good point 32001 on the narrowing of the field but lets not pick on EM(angryman)'s creativity, he was obviously confused.......EM(angryman), although Pam Shriver is well known in the tennis world perhaps you had her confused with Maria Shriver, the First Lady of California and wife of Governor Arnold Shwarzenegger........

i dont think the wife of the govenor is First Lady....i think thats only for the Pres.

...........she is the FL of the US, the wife of a gov is the FL of her state..........


Making fun of the Riders, I've never seen that before...Get some new material you un-original bastards.

Its' tradition though, u wouldnt say "Get a new holiday u bastards" at christmas, would u?

unless of course I was Jewish…which I am not.

I’m just saying I really don’t appreciate when people just make fun of the Riders or any team for no apparent reason, they just start a random thread saying (Riders suck, your QB sucks, their fans suck, their stadium sucks, the grass they play on sucks, their cleats suck, their shoulder pads suck…) I mean come on here guys, I realize that we all poke fun at each others teams from time to time but there’s a time and a place for that, not just a random thread to start an argument.

Thats my discription of the Riders how did you get it!