Pickett is not a Starter in this league--

Cody Pickett is just not a starter in this league. His arm is borderline HIGH SCHOOL strength. He does not throw a pass beyong 10 yards and just dumps it off short---

This Pickett is a guy suited for the NFL game, he throws to the open guy no matter what, and results in him throwing 2nd and 10 passes for 4 yards every time--

Kerry Joseph is twice the QB that PICKETT is. Cody PICKETT is a losing QB- bottom line, he will never win a game on the ROAD in the CFL-- Even bad teams like BC and WInnipeg completely shut down Pickett--- Pickett completed one pass over 20 yards vs BC and Winnipeg--

PICKETT does not even have the proper motion to throw deep, you can tell when he takes the snap he is looking to quickly dump the ball off short- This is a short QB if there ever was one-- He is not the type of passer you need in the CFL as he only can throw the ball 5 yards--

ANdrus finally noticed this and pulled PIckett, the guy has started enough games now and not WON and looked horrible on the road to the point where he HONESTLY gives them no chance to win a game on the road--

I am not even sure PIckett could play in the CIS and dominate- his arm is reallly that weak--

It would also be nice if the ARGOS didnt make it so obvious that they HAVE QUIT ON THE YEAR--

This team has completely QUIT on the season-- Their Defense is like a bunch of ROIDED up animals with no CONTROL---

The Pass Defense is playing this bad Defense where any QB can basically move the ball over them ----

The team is not playing hard anymore and not playing for Andrus---

The effort is so bad on this team--

Tyler Scott? Can this guy catch- he drops minimum 2 passes per game and should be sent back to the CIS and go play there--

Why is Pickett still playing? Joseph has shown that he can play damn well. All he needs is a little help around him. Yeah Joseph isn't Ray or Calvillo but he sure is a lot better than Pickett!

In 100% agreement.

the argos have given up and disrespected thier fans by putting such a terrible product on the field, when they choose to sit KJ, trade bruce, trade parker, ect.

We are a mess in the QB position, the cupboard is bare for this year and there is no one coming up.
It will be a major task to scout in the off year and bring in many new potential QB’s.
Even though Pickett does not appear to be first string material, I would bring him in also McNeal.

I'd lean towards taking a look and see if McNeal can handle the QBing duties. . . but that's hard to do when you already have a weak and depleted receiving corps.

Starting to seem as if the only thing to do is play out the season, and then blow everything up in the offseason (well with the exception of the defence, which is still pretty good. . . but lots of folks in the front office, coaching staff, and the offence should be on the chopping block).

...bang-on MadJack.....I'd say the season is pretty well over for the Argos.....big signal when they sent Parker to the esks. for a 4th. round draft pic....They may as well deal Dorsey as well for all the good he's done since returning...Seems as though these guys leave a little bit of themselves down south after failing to make the nfl...The front office needs a shake-up....The only thing that should be left intact is the defence....maybe just 'tweak' it a bit....and NO... not like Kelly did to the BIGBLUE 09 EDITION...The Argos have something to build on in 2010...and that would be the d...Andrus should be bringing in some players for a look-see on offence for the balance of 09....The qb. spot is a big question mark....I can see them going hard after McPherson in the off-season...guess we'll see...

Yes the season appears done, but there is no guarantee that Andrus will survive and return next year.
I am leaning with most who say he may be toast, as it appears he has taken on more than he can handle, eg being the OC position and also the two games he possible caused the team with the bone head decisions.

Agreed, I am not a big fan of Andrus at this point. I understand they want stabilization on the sidelines but is this really our guy? If you aren't going to play Joseph then trade him.

I was thinking they should do something with BC involving Pierce and an unhappy Paul McCallum for Joseph in a package.

They will be haunted for many years for dealing Bruce to their arch-nemesis: HAMILTON!

Sweet suffering cheeseburgers, noooo... Not Buck Pierce! The guy gets a concussion just from putting his socks on a little to aggressively. Anyone else but him.

Also, I've said it before & I'll say it again: Damon Allen spends a lot of time hanging out at Argo's games. Why not hand him a clipboard & a headset to see what he can do with the offense? Maybe he doesn't want to get involved, but if he does want to they should hire him. He's the best QB to ever play the game!

I like the thoughts of getting McPherson for the 2010 season!

Based on the way McPherson played today, I don't think Montreal is looking to get rid of him. AC only has a few years left and then he'll probably hang them up. As far as Pierce goes, the injury woes continue. I guess at the beginning of the thread it was all about Pickett being a short yardage quarterback. That is basically the same as Pierce. The more I watch his game, the more I think he will probably be out of the league sooner than later. He's going down the same path as Dickenson without the credentials or even the short longevity.

Leave Joseph in there for the rest of the year. Unless you're going to try that kid they just brought up.

So I guess that kid Reaves is more of a coach than a QB? Maybe they should consider giving him some reps next game since we are done like dinner now.

(Rider fan again)

How about going after Jason Maas or sumthin?
He must be tired of sitting behind Ray by now and he’s proven he can play in the CFL already. KJ can play as we in Sask know (Thanx for 07 KJ!!) but something’s different now and I think he’s just not being utilized properly in the current offensive schemes. I think Maas might be the ticket for the short term for TO, while they put a serious search on for the next Darian Durant. Even in the West we want too see the East teams improve, it’s no fun with such a difference in the divisions and it certainly doesn’t help the league as a whole. It’s good to see Hamilton out of the cellar, although I doubt that’s a popular statement in the Argo boards :wink: , and Winterpeg is finally showing signs of life, but I don’t like to see the Dbl Blue down in the dumps now either!
Here in Riderville, we seem too have our QB situation working out rather nicely (thank you, and leave Jiles alone, he’s NOT available for you guys in TO :wink: ).
Best of luck in the off season for you Argo fans, I hope you can get this sorted out and get back in the thick of things.
BTW, someone needs to slap Belli upside the head and ask him just WTF he’s trying to do too your team! Is he trying to be the stupidest player in the league? He’s well on his way if that’s what he’s trying for but gawd has he ever cost your team at the Worst times possible…he’s gotta smarten up.

Bart Andrus is a moron.

That clown Andrus let Joseph ROT on the sidelines until the Argos season was pretty much toast......Why?

He wants to develop Pickett, great, then do it behind the guy that brings game and intensity every play,

Andrus can only blame himself for the Argo's not making the playoffs.

Chappy2: You make a lot of sense in my books. I think I agree with everything you said. I have always been a fan of Jason Maas & I love the idea of seeing him in double blue! Something strange happened to him in Hamilton (no O line for starters!), but I think he's ready to lead again. During his previous stint with the Esks he was a great QB!

Oh ya, gotta go watch Argos Access... Man, it's nice to have Tivo!!! I can never get home from from work in time to catch it at 3:30.

KJ is done as an elite QB. Even his MVP of two years ago was a bit of an aberration. Pickett may be ok as a backup but he doesn't have it to be a true #1. Reaves? Maybe but what do you usually get at U.S. try-out camps? If Rita and Mohns had been doing their jobs, they would've been grooming a young guy right after Damon Allen's MVP win. These guys have no plan to build a team. They just assemble a bunch of guys and hope the pieces fit.

QB is just one of the areas that needs to be revamped top to bottom for 2010. I can't seen many possibilities around the league for the Argos to trade with. Maybe BC is tired of Pierce's injuries but then he'll likely be just as injury prone in TO. It'd help if they'd recruit a top-notch receiver too AND KEPT HIM.

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