Picket Bills game?

I don't think Rogers could do anything if CFL fans Picketed the bills game, On Spadina and Front Street

Anyone interested

just phone in a bomb hoax :twisted:

I would but I live too far away. If you can get the people, it is not a bad idea.

Is this thread a joke, or is it serious?

Why would any picket/protest a football game?

If any cfl fans are going to the game they should bring signs to the game to mention that this is cfl country and that the nfl is not welcomed here !

I would definitely if they came to Vancouver. Just need to get a big enough crowd together so it doesn't look like a minority of people are speaking.

That or just ignore it might be best, it seems to be working well so far.

is there really a need to gather more attention to the game? Because it will just generate more stories and might bring more NFL fans out of the woodwork who knows. Right now they have to give tickets away, i'd say leave it at that until they actually try and bring a team here.

As someone asked above.......................why??? If it's a protest against "other" sports then why aren't you protesting outside BMO or outside the AC centre?
I think it would make CFL fans look pretty stupid, especially when the biggest CFL crowd of the season was at the EDF with only 34,000 and half the crowd was Ticat fans. The Bills will be close to or if not a sell out, there were 4,000 seats left on Sunday. The average ticket will be well over $100 and this for two bad teams where none is the home team.

The best protest would be for Torontonians to start packing the RC for Argo games and proving to Canadians that they care about CFL football.




No I say cfl fans should do something right now before it is to late. What better way to show people in the nfl that there is a large portion of fans here that do not want the nfl in toronto,then to show up with signs supporting the cfl and having many empty seats at skydome. Just look at how passionate the fans of the tfc are for there team they showed up to the soccer games this year by having banners that said "no Argos at bmo" and having an Argo flag with a x painted on the symbol of the Argos. Believe me when I say this with all those passionate fans of the tfc the Argos will never step foot at bmo field!

Good points.

The empty seats do that on their own. Which is kind of the problem. What the Argos need isn't protesters, they just need more people coming to games.

If you want to picket, call in the Westboro Baptist Church lol

I really hope people seriously don't think that Rogers still isn't giving away a boatload of freebies.

Yeah no kidding....anyone notice how quiet everything has been on the ticket sales front when it comes to this game???

I wish I could get a bunch of freebie tickets, showup with my family and friends all decked out in my Ticats Gear, and start Oskee Wee Wee chants behind the bills bench for the entire game :lol:

Anyway, from and ESPN article last year about the bills playing in TO,

"Last year, in a 23-0 win over Washington, the crowd was doing the wave, which led to the Bills' offense jumping the snap on third down. On Sunday, there was little crowd noise drowning out Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson calling plays at the line on several third-down situations.

Customarily, home crowds remain quiet when their team's offense is on the field, and they grow louder to disrupt the opposing team's offense.

"That just doesn't happen at Ralph Wilson Stadium," Wood said. "There have been times when there's been 40,000 people in there, and they're still not doing a regular cadence on third down in the first quarter."

The announced crowd of 40,770 was well below the downtown stadium's capacity of 54,000. Many who stuck around for the second half started rooting for the Seahawks. By the fourth quarter, the fans who were left began chanting, "Let's Go Blue Jays!"

Organizers went so far in a bid to drum up support by having Korean pop star PSY perform his hit "Gangnam Style" at halftime.

Wood was so worked up that he was preparing to share his frustrations on his Twitter account, before remembering the NFL rule barring players from using social media while their team is playing.

"I wrote and deleted about three tweets during the game," Wood said. "That was probably best. Yeah, it kind of ticked me off."



Well Rogers owns a lot of media in Canada and many media even if not owned by Rogers are in bed with them, they have lots of tenacles out there. A lot of control, some might say with the new NHL deal almost a monopoly on the NHL in Canada.

Here are a few Bills in Toronto protest stories from the past:

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