Pick your TSN Panel

Who do you think makes the best panel?

Crap, that should be Rod Smith, not Rod Black.

Lol... I was wondering what deranged individual voted for Rod Black..lol

I took the first four, but I would rather have Darren flutie than milt.

I believe you're that deranged "Une" goon individual man..... :stuck_out_tongue:

where is the marty York option???

Climie should host.
Schultz and LaPolice provide excellent analysis.
Stegall is fine.

Dunigan's talents are wasted in studio.
Keep that man in the booth doing colour commentary!
He's the best colour guy they have.
Pair him with Gord Miller and let them call the bulk of the games.

I wonder what Marty York does for a living now?

I think Randorf did a better job managing the panel. I was sad to see him go. And Milt has improved. But I think Schultz provides the best commentary.

You're gonna have to explain this post for me.

Ditto !!!! please refer to the other TSN panel thread :wink: :lol: :slight_smile:

Bartender at Pinty"s. Another round Marty!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt Dunnigan is the most irratating colour commentator and also on the panel as u will ever get....does anyone agree??

LOL!!!! Well that Southern Drawl of his seems to get thicker and thicker as the game goes along,but all in all I don't mind Matty a bit,he is very knowledgeable and seems to have a natural enthusiasm and love for the game and the league. I also like the fact that he doesn't do as much boot licking as Rod Black when it comes to certain players who no names mentioned :roll: apparently have Daddies who played in the NFL or other players who are from other countries like for instance..oh I don't know,perhaps Australia ? :roll: So I guess in a way I agree that Mattys drawl can be a touch irritating at times,but on a whole I don't mind him a bit as a colour man or as a panelist.

Dunigan has forgotten more about football than the rest of the commentators combined. He actually provides analysis on a given play, as opposed to lazy Suitor or comatose Ford, who mostly use the airtime to talk about things that any fan of the game would already know. Moreover, the man is dealing with a legacy of concussions that has affected his ability to recall information. So sometimes his gear "jams" in the middle of a sentence or rambles before he finds the best way to express his point, but that's par for the course when you have a concussion history. AND he's not afraid to voice an opinion or take a player or coach to task for what he feels is a questionable decision.

I'd put him and Gord Miller in the booth as my A-team, with Cuthbert and Suitor as the B-team.

not on your life

Fixed that for you.

:thup: He and Milt (this year) are the only bright spots. The rest look like cardboard cutouts and political appointments.

I'm surprised Climie's in second.