Pick your mythical Canadian national football team

Been watching the World Baseball Classic, got me thinking, assume for a second more than 2 or 3 countries were good at North American-style football, and you can choose the best of the best to form a Canadian national team, be they play in the CFL, NFL, UFL, CIS, or whatever. What's your team look like? What would you consider your strongest and weakest positions (QB obviously, but elaborate on it and what else).

Your restrictions for selecting your side was they were either born in Canada or spent their formative years as a youth learning football in Canada.

Compared to the USA every position.I don't see A all Canadian team matching up with the speed upfront of the USA or have the skilled players to stop the wideouts of a American team.

No kidding, but that has absolutely nothing to deal with the post.

Issue with the entire process, CFL or NFL or NCAA rules?

Under CFL rules it wouldn’t be as bad, remember that Canada has won the 2012 IFAF U-19 world cup last year 23-17 over the Amercs… But did lose the '11 IFAF world cup 50-7 to the Amercs(dominated our pool though 3-0), team was full of CIS guys or ex-CFLers(like Belli)

But yes the issue is obviously at QB, mainly because only Sinopoli is at the pro level(and he is being converted to WR) so unless this competition is only at Amateur level + CFL rules Canada has no real shot vs. the Americans but would beat the other 6 teams.
There needs to be more done to develop Canadian QB’s but that’s a whole topic in on it’s own.

I find it hard selecting a team not from the QB position. There may only be two really in Sinnipolli even though they are converting him as of now and Quinlan you do have two QBs. I am having trouble naming CBs HBs and SAM LBs as there are harldly ay in the CFL.

Other positions however there are some really quality football players. Recievers there are quite a few really good CFL all star Calibre Receivers To start i would go with a couple of younger stars in Gore, Watson, and Durie If going with the US style of football. Gore and Watson could both be WRs with durie being the slot rec in 3 receivers sets. You will have your other posesion receivers in veteran Fantuz as well as Getzlaff( even if Getz had a case of the dropsies last season it was the lack idendifying a 3rd starting rec foe much of the season when Bagg got hurt.
Offensive line just go to the All stars from 2012 for starters and reservesfrom the east and west selectios. reserve OT to go along with Montreals Caadian Bookends i would go with the relative unknown Patrick Neufeld. He really came on last seaon after being lifeted form the top interior back up with the draft of Heenan he moved his game to RT where he unseated a pretty good RT in Import Chris Best.
TE Patrick Lavoie is a classic true TE in the US game as well as the CFL game. My second TE may be a bit of a surprise but im going to go with former Hec Winnier Daryl stephanson. He really was to slow to be a half Back so he spent alsomst his whole career as just a special teamer until the new TE formation was put into place late last season in Hamilton.
DTs just go right to every staring canadian DT in the CFL ond you have a very good rotation,
DE is tought Foley is the only proven Canadian DE but in amilton there will be three Canadian DEs that Austin is looking to buck the trend of imports and Williams, Fortin, and Gascon-nadon
LB several very good MLBs with Muaba, emery, I also thing Yurichuk is ready to step up and start in Toronto. Labbe Muambas Back up also very good. Yu could probably shuffle those four up in a 4-3 set slotting them to their strengths on whether they would play MLB or one of the ttwo OLB spots.
Safety again Logan is still probably the best even though released as a US game strong safety Butler, Muamba, and fraser mixing into the free and strong safety spot.
CB and Nickel Back for the US game really only Hamilton had any canadian playing at a CBpotition as well as the Riders using Woldu as a reserve. That would really be a week spot.
RB cornish, Harris and Messam thre RBS. Since really neither league uses a FB at all Rob Cote is one of the only players in either league that plays as a traditional FB.
I still Like Sinnopoli as a QB he just seems to have it. Calgary went with an Insurance policy veteran and also propably the best true right out of colleg rookie QB to come to the CFL in a while in Mitcell so that was just a bad situatio for him.
Had sinopoli been in BC, Montreal, or even Hamilton he would most likley been the number 3 for the second season as BC and HAM added some late rookies and well Neiwswander in Montreal not a chance.
of course the his back up would be Quinlan. For the 3rd stringer I am going to go with the two E-Camp QBs in Myles Gibbon and Cayman Shutter. Both spent their college carees playing NCAA DI. Gibbon did start for a season for a new DI team and shytter blew his shot due to a DUI. So I would have them battle out for #3 gibbon played in a good pro style no huddle O with York last year should help him but Shuttter could really be great but we will not know until he gets on the field. the loser would be on my Practice roster which could be shutter at first but getting smaps runing scout teams he could surpass Gibbon.
Kickers and punters take your pick there are several who do one or the other very well.
The only Canadian Returner was Giguere in Hamilton so he would be my Kick off returner for sure as that is what he did while with the NFL and he is also a true WR.
Punt returner Im going to go with a rookie that DB from Concordia who had that good 40 at E-Camp. Cannot think of his name but it is time to see some Canadian Return specialists. Quincy Hurst in Toronto I like also who I think will get a chance at a return spot as the Argos begin to cut back on 30 year old Chad Owens duties.
I think that pretty much covers that. Going with an All Canadian team that would play the US football rules.