Pick your in game TSN commentators

Pretty simply poll

Not these for SURE. Worst on any sports show. OH Forgot about wrestling. All the young talent in the world to choice from??

Miller and Dunigan should be the top pair.

Nah. Cuthbert and Suitor are the best pair. Sometimes Dunigan's thoughts get ahead of him, and sometimes it sounds like he may have had a few before the game. :lol:

That's what makes Dunigan so great. He really adds the "colour" to colour commentating. :wink:

before someone is allowed to do color, they should have to listen to an assortment of ron lancasters games in the booth. Learn from the best ever.

Same as in the other TSN thread.
WTF is this all about in relation to this thread?

LMFAO I have no clue myself TDB !!!! At least when I post pics,you can figure them out,most are self explanatory,but I agree with you on this and the other recent Blue Dragoon pics in recent other threads. Geez and you tell me that I'm off my meds :lol:
Maybe being a Bomber fan for all these years,the Dragoon has finally snapped and is in need of some shock therapy and a doubling up on his meds. :lol: or maybe he is suffering from that dreaded disease known as "ToomuchRodBlackitis". :wink:

It's medication time !!! bottoms up :cowboy:

Sorry, I had a bit of a... strange night last night. :oops:

I thought so, but didn't want to say anything.

You may wish to take bobo's advice. :wink:

LOL !!!!!! No worries,happens to the best of us :lol: :cowboy: 8) :? 8) :smiley: :rockin: :twisted: :wink:

Completely forgot about Devlin. He was not bad IIRC; what happened to him?