Pick your final two teams for the Grey Cup

Saskatchewan vs Toronto.

Boreham kicks the winning field goal.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Calgary vs Winipeg

Toronto/BC. Sadly if the Argos make it to the cup theres no way I can see them losing with home field in that game

Saskatchewan vs. Winnipeg. Ridgewa...err Congi, last minute field goal for the win.

BC vs WINNIPEG......Lions by a bunch, a real yawner.

Lions …38
Blue Bombers 34

I have said it TWICE ... so, maybe the THIRD time is the CHARM ...

Quote: Post subject: RE: Toronto out of Playoffs? PostPosted: Jun 26, 2007 - 05:36 PM

Toronto will BEAT Calgary in the Grey Cup.

It is the PERFECT STORM in the making ...Each of these TEAMS/ORGANIZATIONS are bringing their RESPECTIVE ERA's to an end ... each team is DETERMINED to go out as Champs ...

Saskatchewan are PAPER TIGERS ... Kerry Joseph - as much as I RESPECT his game - will not be able to OVERCOME Hank Burris this season.

BC is ripe for the PICKING ... why ?? I don't know - it just SOUNDS analytical ...

Montreal has Marcus (I'm no Tom) Brady ... say no more.

Winnipeg won't have the HORSES to overcome the MAULING DEFENSE of T.O.

In the Grey Cup ... home field will make the Difference.



Argos win in a nail biter. Damon Allen throws the winning TD late in the game.

An Argo-Cat fan

Stamps over the Bombers...

BC in the West
Who cares about the east .
BC Will roll over everyone..
With no Ticats in the grey Cup
I Always Cheer for the West

I’d love to watch a Winnipeg Saskatchewan Grey Cup. The Grey Cup week party would be phenomenal. They would put up roadblocks at the Ontario and Alberta Borders with signs that said “Sorry nobody’s here right now. We’re all in Toronto for the Grey Cup!”

Toronto/BC - Toronto wins

Good One!

Wpg has been lying "doggo" for a few weeks, but Brady is no Calvillo, and the Bombers have BOTH Sir Charles and this Reid character for their running game, as well as an enviable corps or receivers. Tom Canada is back, and Wpg has "D" enough to dispatch the Larks in regular time...

A "certainty" for your "Pro-Line" bets...

Saskatchewan vs Calgary is a bit less certain...

Sask has been drooling for a final appearance for almost as long as the Cats, and so its a sell out at Mosaic Stadium, with the "13th man" alive and baying from his hollowed out watermelon helmet in the stands...

Sask is badly hurt by the absence of Dominguez and Washington as WR's in the last couple games, and will not be getting them back for this weekend (or any subsequent series) but will probably have Holmes and Cates back in for Sunday's game, which will improve a lot on how Ranek worked out for them last weekend...and of course Josh is still available, and the second try will always be better than the first...

Andy Fantuz is always a threat these days, and Ranek could be contemplated as an insertion as a receiver or returner, so Team Green has a bit of an edge...the kicking game could well be crucial, as Congi has brought the Riders to the curtain call, only to be down by the League in a "miscount" of votes against DeSantis from Calgary...they will both be playing for "Pride" on Sunday night!

Who has better coaching? Austin is doing an incredible job for Sask, Higgins is a great coach, but plainly on his way out of Calgary, as Hufnagel is going to get the job at a salary cap choking level...

As for Sunday, my thoughts are that the "edge" has to be with "Gang Green" if only because of the home field advantage...

So that leaves Wpg up against the Blue team for the Div final....

Toronto will front their full "first team", and Wpg will have the "survivours" of the clash with the Larks...

Its going to be a high stakes game, but if Wpg manages to get all their starters back on line on defense, then the TO Offensive side isn't going to be good enough (My opinion! Not cast in stone)

To make this weirder, if TO gets ahead with the Special Teams, all bets are off...but if Wpg gets Canada and Brown back in the game at full strength, "Bolden" playing at full strength in the backfield, and straightens out their kicking questions, Toronto is dead like dogmeat, if Wpg can come in with an aggresive game plan... let alone if Bishop cops an injury...because ther isn't anyone else to recover the Boatmen on short notice like that, and Wpg is just mean enough to put a price on Bishop's head, and has players good enough to collect on such a challenge...

Sask vs BC is going to be an interesting game, played in BC Place, and whether the League manages some really great officiating, as its plain that these two teams have been at one another this season...with some reason!

I have no "line" on this one...depends how the League chooses to handle the ref's...Tillman and Austin both fined for their comments on the obvious officiating "errors", Buono walking free with the blatant crap that his players have laid on other teams, David Braley the most decisive/devisive Owner in the League at this date in tems of how things will be reviewed and decided on...George Black...well, we all have "opinons"!

All of the above are "My Opinions" only, and please do not hit on me for the ,oney you wager on SportsLine lottery...


B.C. or SSK win beat T.O. by a bunch.
as someone said above a yawnner of a game.

sask and winn

BC/Toronto :thdn:

Sask vs. T.O.
T.O. unfortunatley wins in an Offensive shootout a la 1989. No Ridgeway field goal here. Prefontain to win it!

SADLY I agree 100% on the above.

I guess that will give ARGO's 11 grey cups(1945)
TICATS 8 grey cups(1945)

We will never catch up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't worry no way those Argo Pukes make it to the Final.....

Toronto vs. B.C.-no Grey Cup for that white collar dump, a beatdown for the Stinky Blue Tide by the Lions. Go Lions Go!