Pick Your 09 Quarterback

We still have at least two months before the pre-season so this of course is just for fun and to see what everyone thinks. Here's the question............

If the 09 season was starting this upcoming weekend who would you choose as your starting Qb along with your two backups?
You can only choose from current CFL Qb's who are under a contract with a team as of right now. Yeah we can include Printers in the list because I believe he'll be signed before TC by somebody.

My choices for 09 would be:

Starter......Ricky Ray..( yes eskimo fans, I'am envious )
Backup......Buck Pierce ( yes he's been injured but loaded with talent )
3rd string...Henry Burris ( I'am not a big fan but he is now a proven winner )

Up and coming "possible" starters.....Porter, Durant, MacPherson, Lefors...... and J.Jackson who could probably start for 4 teams right now. Calvillo is one of the best but I believe he'll be hard pressed to equal 08.

Look at the changes from last year and it is easy to see that the top 3 QB's will be

A Grade
1- Burris (no changes to roster)
2- Calvillo (no changes to roster)
3- Ricky Ray ( Question marks running game, receivers and Oline)

B Grade
4- Durant (Can he stay healthy)
5- Jackson/Pierce ( Have some great games and not so great games, Lost Murphy)
6- Porter ( Ups and Downs of a rookie)

C Grade
Lefors ( patched Oline)
Joseph ( no weapons)

Ricky Ray
Kerry Joseph
Casey Printers

In a perfect world, without consideration for the actual composition of the rest of the team, I'd pick:

Starter: Ricky Ray. In his prime, great touch passer, reads the field as well as anybody.
Backup: Anthony Calvillo. Student of the game, would be the perfect mentor to any young or developing QB.
Third-string / Future starting QB: Durant. Has all the physical tools, just needs experience and tutoring.

These were the same picks i was going to make. Durant would learn so much from the 2 best qbs in the league

Porter #1 (will get shot in nfl IMO) Peirce #2 and Burris/Cavilo as vet back up #3( All could do well in nfl IMO),. Also worth consideration _Ray , Durant,Joseph ,Glenn, Williams , Jackson , Dinwiddy , Lafores. That 12 CFL Starters( All could do well in nfl IMO),. in a 8 team league. and only Hamilton has starting 3 qb,s in depth, So that would be Porter #1 and Glenn/Williams # 2 and #3 :rockin:

Funny what you say about Durant. If he is lacking anything its physical tools. Reads Defenses phenomenally well its his arm strength that is the question but the Riders strength is at Slot so I would imagine we will see big things from him this year (fingers crossed).

I am going to look at this not as a fantasy roster but as But starter practical back up and a developer.

  1. Ricky Ray - No denying a healthy Ricky is the best QB in the league (Sorry AC your a very close second)
  2. Jerious Jackson - Legitimate Starter, and can easily come into the game off the bench and control a game if things are heading south.
  3. Dalton Bell - I am excited about this guy in Sask so he is a sure fit in here for me. (Quentin Porter is a close 2nd even though he is going to be competing for the starting position he is a great developing talent if he pics up where he left off last year)

If Burris and Ray were cut from the NFL, Pierce and Porter would have no shot. What has Porter done ? He played well in some meaningless ball games. Hamilton was awful last year and out of it by week 13, which is saying something in the East. He needs to establish himself this year before getting any where near the top 3.

   1.  Burris ( matured in to a great thrower and has better mobility than Ray)
   2.  Ray
   3.  Pierce 
          Calvillo's awful Grey cup record,keeps him out of the top 3.  1 - 5

Didn't know that, thanks for the info. I'm an Als fan, so my knowledge of Durant is fairly limited, but I was really impressed by him on the occasions I saw him play. And I'd rather have a guy with less arm strength and the ability to read the field than a guy like Bishop with a million-dollar arm and a ten-cent brain.

You obviously didn't read my post all that well.

(removed the typo so it may be clearer now)

Top 3 would be Ray, Cavillo, Burris (ouch that one pains me)

  1. Randall
  2. Durant
  3. Burris

I like to see the first two because they are young and athletic. Burris is a winner. I think Randall is the most athletic of the three but just needs more game time. I am glad to see Ray runs when needed. AC is good also but AC and Ray arent my top picks. Just honable mention. Plus I like to say I am the first on Randall bandwagon. You heard it here.

I can see a breakout year for Randell, Bell, or Nealey. Those guys are going to climb up the depth chart this year, much like Durant and Porter did last year.

Nealey didn't impress me last year, but barring injury, he won't play (and as he is already #2 in Calgary, he won't move up on the depth chart).
I personally hope we see very little to nothing at all of Mr. Bell this year. Holding the clipboard all year suits me just fine....
Randell might be the starter in Winnipeg. Who knows. Climbing the depth chart there won't be tough because there ain't no depth....

....and the Riders have a lot of depth......what a laugher...people in glass houses.....lol....Durant has done next to nothing in this league as well as the rest of the stable in Regina....Porter has accomplished very little in the league and probalby on par with Lefors....and if you think Glenn is going to be the saviour there ... heh heh....yeah sure ...I think they better have Porter tuned up in a hurry.... :lol: :lol:

my three


I never claimed the Riders had depth at QB. What I said was, Randell may start for Winnipeg which he may and I hope Bell doesn't play which is hopefully the case. No stones tossed by me.....
the difference papa, is I am willing to admit that QB is a question mark for the Riders, while you think all your guys are the reincarnation of Ken Ploen. Having no experience at QB may cost the Riders a play-off spot, while in your mind, an inexperienced group seems to ensure Winnipeg a Grey Cup....And last year, when we dumped our veteran QB I didn't run around telling everyone how that made the Riders better, unlike you and your, "Glenn is gone, so we are better" mantra. Mind you there were plenty of rider fans that sounded a lot like you do. How'd that turn out for us?
And if you actually look at the limited playing time of the 3 QBs, Porter, Durant and Lefors---and they have played approximately the same amount--the least impressive of the 3 has been Lefors. Given that Lefors is actually the oldest and has been a pro the longest, that really doesn't bode well, does it?

...Arius, why are you so proficient at reading your own teams failures and yet so blind to the Bombers improvements...We were going nowhere with Glenn ( i know he was your favourite qb. in riderland when he was there) however his time was up in the Peg...Too many bad reads....and two bad knees.....Why on earth would the Bombers want to continue down that same ol road...I know you rrealize that Durant 'may not be the answer' and you 'could struggle' most of the year...Maybe its just that you're a little 'miffed' at the fact , Printers is at our training camp in Fla. and not yours....and we have have an experienced qb. on the horizon and you don't.... leaving you as the only club with no real experienced qb....Could that be it?????? :roll: :roll:

1.Ricky Ray
2.Henry Burris
3.Jason maas

Papa, your team decided to go another direction at QB, and that is fine. Just like the Riders did with Joseph the year before. The thing is, in no way did losing Joseph for 2008 make the Riders a better team, and in no way does losing Glenn for 2009 make the Bombes better. It isn't that complicated. EVEN if you honestly believe one of your rookies might have beat Glenn out as the starter, it is ridiculous to suggest two of them would be better, therefore as a starter or a back-up, your team isn't as good as it would have been had you retained Glenn.
As for Printers, had we pursued him, after not even blinking at Glenn, I would have considered turning in my season tickets. The guy was nothing short of brutal as a Ticat---he is broken merchandise--injury prone or a wimp, your call, but maybe both, has lousy mechanics and is easily the most hyped, over rated prospect in years. Even in the "glory year"(and remember that was one year 5 years ago) he really wasn't as good by half as many think he was. He was a guy who, with a terrible line in front of him (so he'll have that de je vu feeling in Winnipeg) and a complete inability to deliver the ball as a play was designed, was able to run for his life and make things happen in a manner that 5 years later, after numerous shoulder, and leg injuries (real or imagined), he simply is incapable of repeating. If he hasn't learned to read defences and throw the ball on time, and the last year or two says he has not, he likely isn't as good as many of the young QBs entering the league. Add in his lack of sportsmanship and sense of team (no matter what Glen Suiter says) and he is a very problematic signing for any team. The fact the Bombers are seriously considering it tells us that despite releasing Glenn, there is no real confidence on the part of Winnipeg management in the guys already under contract. And it isn't like he will "mentor" some young guys. Dinwiddie is actually older and Lefors is the same age. If they don't start this year they may be near the end, not the beginning of their careers.
Last year in Hamilton, aside from all the rumours he was a cancer in the locker room, what we saw on the field was a guy who made poor decisions, and poor throws, and I question his heart as the least little "owwie" had him clutching his hamstring, and giving up on the play. I've never seen a guy grab at his hamstring like that after nearly every incomplete pass or interception. Winnipeg can have him.

...yes but Arius ....when you're talking Bombers/Riders former qbs....you're talking apples and oranges.. at least Joseph had all of his physical tools going for him.....more than i can say about Glenn..You seem to have a hate=on for Printers....much like a lot of Ti-Cat fans (not all of them)...I suggest you read Glenn Suitors take again on Casey...He believes Printers is taking a lot of undeserved criticism.....I have to agree with him on many points...In any event the Bombers are still a long way off from getting a contract done with Printers (maybe never)...No matter what you say regarding his play of last year (hopeless situation) i think he can regain his confidence....Glenn on the other hand brings experience to the Cats....after that....not so much....We'll see, as this season unfolds ,who had the better take....Bring it on... :wink: :rockin: