pick up Omarr Morgan

He was released by Edmonton today. If we pick him up he would really solidify our secondary with Gordon Bradley and Thompson already in place.

He be a nice pickup.

Isn't Morgan up there in age?

If he's not a greybeard, and the price is right, bring him to camp.

he's 32, two years removed from an all star campaign.

We lost good team leaders
we lost Cody and Armour.
This would help give this team another vet
on defence who could help lead us

i agree. he is better than any DB that was going to be a free agent. Our secondary wouldn't be looking so bad if we pick him up.

I suspect Morgan will stay out West but he would be a great start in rebuilding that secondary.

Hmm, a little pricey for a corner who couldn't really cut it in cover 0 last year.

Pricey? He was cut. Ticats can offer him whatever they think he is worth.

exactly, which is in the 70-85, 000 range

Cover 0 refers to pure man coverage with no deep defender. Similar to Cover 1, Cover 0 has the same strengths and weaknesses however employs an extra rusher at the expense of deep coverage help leaving each pass defender "on an island" with his man.

this is why I don't like it .
I like have at least 1 Safety back

Cover 1 schemes employ only one deep defender, usually a safety. Many underneath coverages paired with Cover 1 shells are strictly man-to-man with LBs and defensive backs each assigned a different offensive player to cover. By using only one deep defender in Cover 1, the other deep defender is free to blitz the quarterback or provide man-to-man pass coverage help.

Cover 1 schemes are usually very aggressive, preferring to proactively disrupt the offense by giving the quarterback little time to make a decision while collapsing the pocket quickly. This is the main advantage of Cover 1 schemes--the ability to blitz from various pre-snap formations while engaging in complex man-to-man coverage schemes post-snap. For example, a safety may blitz while a CB is locked in man coverage with a WR. Or the CB may blitz with the safety rotating into man coverage on the WR post-snap.

The main weakness of Cover 1 schemes is the lone deep defender that must cover a large amount of field and provide help on any deep threats. Offenses can attack Cover 1 schemes with a vertical stretch by sending two receivers on deep routes, provided that the quarterback has enough time for his receivers to get open. The deep defender must decide which receiver to help out on, leaving the other in man coverage which may be a mismatch.

A secondary weakness is inherent in its design: the use of man coverage opens up yards after catch lanes. Man coverage is attacked by offenses in various ways that try to isolate their best athletes on defenders by passing them the ball quickly before the defender can react or designing plays that clear defenders from certain areas thus opening yards after catch lanes.

I like cover 2
In traditional Cover 2 schemes the free safety (FS) and strong safety (SS) have deep responsibilities, each guarding half of the field. The NFL's Kansas City Chiefs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Buffalo Bills, Indianapolis Colts, Chicago Bears, and Detroit Lions run a variant of this defense called the Tampa 2.

Cover 2 can be run from any seven-man defensive fronts such as the 3-4 and the 4-3. (It is difficult to implement Cover 2 from an eight-in-the-box front, because the strong safety or someone replacing him is usually the eighth man.) Various "underneath" coverage played by cornerbacks and linebackers may also be implemented. For example, Cover 2 Man means 2 safeties have deep responsibility while the cornerbacks and linebackers follow their offensive assignment in one-on-one coverage. The NFL's San Diego Chargers inherited a base Cover 2 Man 3-4 from Wade Phillips. Cover 2 can also be paired with underneath zone schemes: Cover 2 Zone refers to 2 safeties with deep responsibility but now the CBs and LBs drop back into specific coverage zones where they defend passes only in their assigned area.

Teams that play Cover 2 shells usually subscribe to the "bend-but-don't-break" philosophy, preferring to keep offensive players in front of them for short gains while limiting long passes. This is in stark contrast to a more aggressive Cover 1 type scheme which leaves the offensive team's wide receivers in single man-to-man coverage with only one deep helper. By splitting the deep field between two defenders, the defense can drastically reduce the number of long gains.

The main weakness of the Cover 2 shell occurs in the middle of the field between the safeties. The safeties attempt to gain width upon the snap of the ball to cover any long passes to quick wide receivers down the sideline. This movement creates a natural hole between the safeties that can be attacked. By sending a receiver (usually a tight end) into the hole, the offense forces the safety to make a decision: play the vulnerable hole in the middle of the field or help out on the wide receiver. The quarterback reads the safety's decision and decides on the best matchup (i.e. which mismatch is better: TE vs S or WR vs CB).

Morgan would fine with Cover 1 2 3 4

Well of course they can. I was merely referring to what the Eskimos paid for him in exchange for his services per annum: nearly $145,000; and thus I reiterate, a bit pricey for a corner who was often burned in a cover 0 scheme.

0 Cover mean your getting no Pressure
The Means you send Extra Guys from the secondary.

The Front 8 Must get pressure
to stay out of cover 0

sign em!!

Morgan is old and slow. He didnt work in Edmonton and he won't work here.

Some sign up blacklobster as obie’s assistant. I say we bring him into camp. it cant hurt can it…

What do you like about Morgan as reason to sign him?

Plus, if you sign him you will have to pay him pro rate salary and any bonuses.

So, if your evaluation of him isn't favourable then it isn't worth it.

A DB with some experience, and proven all-star... something we didn't have last year. His stats were probably better than any of our DB's last season. 52 tackles. Like I said before doesn't hurt to bring him into camp.

Remember when Morgan "acceptably interfered" with Bauman at the end of the game in Edmonton last year, and it cost us a shot at a game-winning field goal attempt?

He is a crafty vet, and would look good in black and gold.

Exactly, he is slow and grab onto WR's jerseys. Might get away with it once or twice.