Here we go!After an ugly showing by our DBs in Toronto last Saturday, the Edmonton team releases DB allstar donald brady!Pick him up hamilton its a freeby.No trade needed!One more better defensive back is a start.Lets see if the hamilton tigercat brain trust can figure that out!I hope so!

Did he go to MAC?

Brady lost his position in Edmonton to a rookie because he has slowed down considerably. Our secondary needs help, but this isn’t necessarily an upgrade.

our situation here isn't about talent but more how our defence plays as whole as a unit.
yes, brady is vet who i'd welcome (upgrade over martin) but it's just band aid solution.

Did he go to MAC?
Good one :lol:

I agree....if he went to Mac that would be an added bonus....Mac has a great football program and lot's of Tiger-Cats have come out of there.....Morreale for example


Your guys have enough problems with penalties to bring in the "King of Pass Interference."

There's nothing wrong with the athletes we have playing in the secondary. Every once in a while there's a mixup in coverages, or a perfect pass that can't be defended, and that happened to us against Toronto. Our DB's will learn.

I am sure everyone posting here, is a mastermind in defensive schemes. Like I have said before when you have a system in place you stick with it and make it work. The coaching staff has a system after all it has only been one game.

Hate to disagree with you Fletch...but it's been 3 seasons. Our DB's have been lit up like Christmas trees since Kavis took over...and with almost the same group.

When does class end???

Is Graduation day soon??

Brady is not going to help this team. We had some players in camp who were capable of playing but looks like we decided to go with what didn't work last year. I've never seen so many guys so wide open, game in and game out.
We certainly need a better pass rush, but our secondary seem to be lost. :?
What about Bradley and Cody on the corners and move Justin to the inside. Also bring back Babers, he looked good in camp. We don't seem to be getting much support from our free safety.....same as last year. :cowboy:

Our DB's were much better when Sudsy was in charge :thup:

I agree 100% as for bringing in Brady i say do it!
I would like to see wayne shaw go! :slight_smile:

Yes, and they better do it fast!

Sorry for the bonehead question, what's up with Bradley and Cody? I ready in another post that they sat out in the game. Are they injured?

I agree, time to bring in gordon....isn't this why we traded for him?

Cody played, Bradley sat. Seems to be the same bonehead personel decisions as last year.


I think the group of Dbs has changed significantly since 2004 as we started with Shaw,Heath,Hitch, R.Cox and Mathis before bringing in Saunders and C.Martin. Goss was added later.
Hitchock was at LB all of last year. Who were the starting dbs of last year compared to the ones we finished with?

you forgot about Justing as well.

Since '04, our DB's have been Shaw, Goss, Martin and Justin.

Throw Cody in from last year...and that's more than enough time to learn Kavis' system. I'm not saying (after one game) that they've got to go. I am saying that either Kavis, or this quintet has to have a shorter rope this year.