Pick the Star for the Edmonton -Calgary game

Pick the star for the game.

Eskies could've won. Lazeruk...... :lol: :lol: Good one red. He's a close #2 for me. :lol:

yah especially since the stamps lineman threw 4-5 punches and didnt get kicked out....bulllllllS&it

Really I thought they walked away? The one guy double teamed and having his helmet ripped off. Hmmm Corny do not know where you were. It seems Ken decided to do that commercial for subway in the four quarter. Try and win the game for Macooocheeee. But I feel both those Edmonton players did a very stupid and selfish thing for their team. The Stamp players kept their composure on that and I was pleased with that. I could be the reason the boys celebrated at the end of the game to get their digs in do you not think.
Yes Kenny did everything to help the schmoes but still did not get the win.

By the way with dumb head Gaas out of the line up Botterill did a better job IMO. Time to get rid of that dinosaur Gaas he is pathetic.

05, you gotta add the Esks coaches as a choice, first and goal from the 2, lets pull Ray, gets my vote.

Nice win btw.

That was not a bad call if you think about it. Ricky Ray was a bit banged up if you recall. Do not get me wrong I like that eskimo team (shower required).

Considering no Tucker and the ejections, they hung in pretty good, but you have to go for the TD on that last drive of theirs, even on third down. The field goal just sets you up for a last second loss, just like they got.

Eh. I was a biased fan and voted for Ricky Ray. :lol:

I am disappointed I thought you would pick good ole Kenny he was the performer of the night.

Shouldn't Warner be an option ?

Coach Arius said he was not in the line up so he will most likely be traded to Winnipeg!

But then wouldn't I be admitting that we received help? :stuck_out_tongue:

Had to vote Burris. One of his better games. Hank had a heck of a game, Frank stayed home.

Heck both teams had a bit of help. But that fourth quarter was something of a come back by Kenny!


Most likely.

Well, in all honesty, I could have just as easily voted for Burris. He's been inconsistant this season so far, but I think last night he definitely played a good game.

Yes cheif and that is why I picked Kenny! :lol: :lol: Both Ricky and Burris played well.

Pretty sure they’d rather have a muppet.
Anyway, at the moment, I have the tiebreaker vote–go, Ken, go!!

I voted for Kenny, he definitely decided to give himself and his crew airtime in the 4th quarter, especially the last 3 minutes. Where is Jim Schonfeld when you need him? "You fat pig! Go have another donut!" :lol: :lol: :lol: