Pick the next injured Rider

With Getz going down the list of injuries is almost as big as the list of active players. So the Riders should have a contest pick the next injured Rider (Must be at least a game) and win that players signed jersey. All contestants that pick the correct player would have their name put into a draw and one lucky winner would be announced.

All right maybe a bit in bad taste but seriously when does this string of injuries (oh I'm not talking the bumps and bruises either) end? I don't think there has been a week that at least one player has not gotten knocked out of action for at least a game. Is this the age factor showing its ugly side or is this team just plain cursed (personally I think Huff has voodoo dolls of every Rider player and sits up at night taking glee at sticking them with pins)

If the contest was for real the way this teams luck is going I would say Brett is a good candidate and unless he starts hitting the turf quicker it is going to happen. He is dancing with the devil far too often taking on tacklers. Reilly tried it and so has Lulay and Drew also and we all know they came out on the short end of that straw. I hope for Brett's sake he starts to play a bit smarter in this area.

As for my pick I will go with Best. He is due for one as it seems the last 3 years he is out at least 2-3 games.

don't even go there .........................