Pick only 1 American expansion franchise, and the reason why

Now that would be a road game for the ages for sure Yankee stadium and the CFL .

It's like hearing New York Giants beating the Ottawa Rough Riders at Lansdowne way back in 50 .

Dang that would have been the bees knees .

Ottawa Citizen :

The potential scoring power embodied in the unlimited interference and downfield blocking of American football was capably demonstrated by New York Giants Saturday afternoon at Lansdowne Park.

Steve Owen’s New Yorkers, giants in stature as well as in name, also treated 11,025 fans to a display of the sharp passing attack which features the play of the professional teams while defeating the Rough Riders, 27-6, in the season’s local exhibition opener

On a bright, hot day- ideal for baseball and swimming- the Giants outscored the local Big Four entry by a 13-6 count in the first half under Canadian rules and then added two converted touchdowns in the second half while operating under the American gridiron code.

The CFL can make a sales pitch to the YES Network. A New York CFL team would provide sports programming very much like what Rogers/Sportsnet does with the Blue Jays. The CFL team could still play at Yankee Stadium, it might be a tight fit, but workable. Have spectators in the lower bowl of Yankee Stadium. Canadians living in NYC and Canadian tourists would attend in droves because of the uniqueness of football being played in an iconic baseball stadium. This is totally different than the Argos playing in the old Skydome.

A CFL team playing in the city of New York would be an alternative to the Jets and Giants playing New Jersey. Both NFL teams are terrible at the moment.

Place an ad in the Wall Street Journal. Lots of money in Wall Street. Hedge fund manager Cohen bought the NY Mets away from Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriquez a couple of months ago

I hate these "hypothetical" scenarios. Can't we just get back to reality, 9 CFL teams right now and after the pandemic probably zero chance of Atlantic Canada or anywhere else.
Existing teams are in a world of hurt and the CFL needs a loan, teams are losing money hand over fist. Most businesses that have zero income coming in have gone under, but CFL teams are still paying coaches salaries, staff and I think most of the players.

We have gone through years where there were only 8 CFL teams and that was no pandemic and no severe financial losses for the CFL. Teams need the ticket revenue and concession revenue, the in-stadium ads, the TV contract money. They have ZERO revenue right now. Should be discussing how teams survive to prevent the opposite of expansion.

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Vince gave up concessions as well as tv rights?
Seriously is the XFL even breaking even or?

They aren't "Hypothetical". They are suggestions, I love doing them

All Canadians are in a world of hurt, not just professional teams. I can barely feed myself. The CFL isn't getting a loan. They have the money to get through the Pandemic on their own. The CFL are signing players meaning that they have money

The NBA is talking expansion to Seattle, a city they left, during a Pandemic. They are being forward thinking. The CFL should be also. MLSE is signing Raptors and Leafs players(to more salaries than what the Argos are signing their players for) without revenue coming in.

The CFL has to evolve or die. Can't live in the past. They can't go back to the days of eight teams and with two teams with the same name in Rough Riders. Those days are long gone

Yep. Paid a substantial amount of rent on the Edward Jones Stadium, something like $100, 000 a game with a $300,000 deposit. Vince was able to keep 100% of ticket revenue. He was losing money after 5 weeks of play. He pulled the plug to mitigate his losses. Vince was using the Pandemic as a reason for cancellation of the XFL season

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Understandable, Ambrosie was using the Pandemic as a reason to cancel the CFL season

Huh? Maybe the lack of a loan, but pandemic?

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It wouldn't be the CFL without two teams named the Rough Riders wouldn't it lol.

one of the names I would like is Easy Riders

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Could live with that.:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That is more a result of leagues longevity
Back in the day there were multiple teams with same names in pretty much every major sport
Baseball, Hockey, US Football etc
Only one who seems to have side stepped this (from what I can see) is Basketball

Having said that, once national tv became a thing and the CFL merged west + east divisions to play each other one of them really should have stepped down

It's one thing to have 2 separate teams that never play each other (except for a challenge trophy) vs when the teams play each other every year and its on national media

To be honest I think that SASKATCHEWAN should have bent the knee in 1948 (the year they changed their identical black uniforms to the well known green of today; prior to that both Riders teams wore same colours as well)
The year they changed (drastically) colour scheme they should have rebranded as well

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I would have tried to make money and bring attention to the league by playing for the name in the 60's or 70's or 80's .

Two regular season games to establish total points over all who gets to keep the name or even better keep it going for a few seasons with the name at stake .

Sell the story and keep the story going for years afterwards with remember when they played for the name .

Lost opportunity to sell but I think the western riders had more pride than the eastern riders in the end as it was a community team versus some business owner (s) .

The right team in the end .

Ottawa was just too messed up for 35 years .


I agree to a point but it all depends on perspective

In the beginning both Sask & Ott wore black uniforms and called themselves Rough Riders / Roughriders
Both teams wore black
And in early days Ottawa was clearly the better team (Ott had 5 cups before Sask even got their first, then Ott had 4 more cups before the team fell apart)

Sask won 2nd cup in 1989 (they barely made the playoffs let alone won a game prior to that) and after a save the Riders telethon + US expansion money suddenly turned the team into a centerpiece for the league.

So any "challenge" for the name game I do think would have (handily) be won by the Eastern Riders

I think not for Saskatchewan taking a knee on the name. The Saskatchewan team only became the Roughriders in 1924. That year Ottawa GAVE UP the name to become the Senators. Ottawa may have had the name first but they relinquished it and should have never tried to reclaim it.

"In 1924, the team changed its name from the Regina Rugby Club to the Regina Roughriders. Ottawa’s rugby club had been called the Rough Riders since the 1890s, but dropped it in favour of the “Senators” in 1924. Regina jumped at the chance to adopt the name “Roughriders.”"

Like Spokane more then Seattle makes them only pro game in town.

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Why did they jump at the chance to adopt Roughriders? It's a real American historical name. Roosevelt's Roughriders, the cavalry regiment made famous in the Spanish American war

Roughrider has more than one meaning. Yes, it relates to Roosevelt, but at the time the other meaning would have been quite relevant in Saskatchewan. Rider of horses or person who can break or ride unbroken horses.

However, I think we are way of course with the topic.
1 US expansion: as I have stated on other threads, Anchorage, Alaska. No pro or college teams.
Other locations; forget Hawaii, let go for Turks and Caicos. At one time there was a small chance that it was going to be part of Canada.

Turks and Caicos I Would love for them to be a Canadian protectorate and eventually a province .

Never been there myself but others say it is a tremendous vacation destination .

Great place for the league meetings and a skills competition not so much for a team .