Pick only 1 American expansion franchise, and the reason why

I agreed on New York being a new CFL franchise earlier. Maybe the CFL selection committee should inquire if Jennifer Lopez and fiance Alex Rodriguez wants to buy a CFL team in New York since they lost their bid to buy the New York Mets. Lopez seems on set of breaking the glass ceiling of being a female team owner once the Rock's ex-wife purchased the XFL out of bankruptcy.

Both Lopez and Rodriguez had the funding to buy the Mets through a group. I personally believe that they didn't get the Mets because was both were a Latino couple. It seem kind of fishy that a minority owner(Cohen) of the baseball team comes out of the blue to buy majority share of the team. Cohen is a hedge fund manger. Those guys are kind of a lot like chop shop operators.

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Even if she declines the offer. Ask Lopez if she wants to perform in the halftime show at the Grey Cup when things get back to "normal" Lopez would be the only few artists to perform at both a Grey Cup and Superbowl halftime show if she did

Not sure if itā€™s already been mentioned as I havenā€™t read through the whole thread but Iā€™d say Rochester, NY would be as good a choice as any.

Why? First it would even up the East/West balance to 5 apiece and secondly, might create instant new rivalries with the Southern ON teams all within easy driving distances to one another. May well provide a shot in the arm to Eastern football.

Rochester is also a city that enjoys a metro population just in excess of 1m and is generally starved of pro sports. Has been voted ā€˜top minor league sports marketā€™ in the US and also the largest Metropolitan Statistical Area in the U.S. which does not include at least one college or university participating at the NCAA Division I level in all sports. so the appetite for top class football may well be there. The city already enjoys sporting rivalries with current CFL cities via the AHL and NLL which might easily translate. Who knows?


St. Louis -

There short lived XFL team earned a rather large instant fan base which led to attendance being better than several CFL teams.

They have a stadium that could be modified to CFL standards, not like the NFL will be playing in it again.

The city seems eager to stick to the NFL, something we could easily tap into and being part of well established league is far more powerful than a totally new one like the XFL which did rather well there, we could do better.

Increases TV revenue, having an American based team increases the chances that American based sports networks will pay more to broadcast games in the states. Being that the city is in central time it is well situated to have attractive game times to both east and west coast.

The NFL will reclaim St Louis in the end just like when it reclaimed Baltimore from the CFL. Besides those crowds in St Louis were jilted Rams fans that wanted to stick it Stan Kroneke(sic). They attended inferior XFL product to spite Kroneke and the NFL.

The CFL needs to go in major markets like Seattle, Chicago, New York, and LA to secure that elusive US TV contract.

I doubt the NFL will ever return to St. Louis, there are a number of factors there but the best St. Louis could ever hope for is for the NFL to use them as threat city and nothing more. Expansion in the NFL is still several years away and when they do it will be focused first on new markets, in particular international markets. Nor is St. Louis to bend on the key sticking point, a new stadium, no way are they going to cave on that.

The attendance there is indicative much much more, they would not have maintained a high average if it had just been a stick it to them thing. The city clearly is starving for more football. They have an NFL capable stadium sitting empty, which I am sure they would be happy to contribute to modifying to bring CFL to the city. Modifications will only cost a few million to bring it into CFL compliance, it could even be a condition of the franchise fee which could be reduced.

Yes I totally agree CFL needs to break into major markets, essential for growing that media pie, but St. Louis first makes sense for several reasons. First and foremost it can be the experiment city. The market there will be far more forgiving as the CFL tweaks and adjusts to incorporating American teams. This way when it is ready to expand to New York or other markets they know how to do it just right, they'll only get one shot at it and little margin for error.

St. Louis is also ready for CFL, they'll welcome us with open arms, those other markets aren't there yet. Why my plan calls for holding annual games in those cities to build interest and exposure. Why bringing on smaller American markets first is key, it will increase interest in the league throughout America and give the CFL key data as to which major media markets to target first and which should get more special games. The big markets need to be slow played like the NFL is doing with Europe in order to ensure success.

Also think about franchise fee, if we do New York first then at best we might get $30 or 40 million, we could easily get $20 - 30 million for St. Louis, build the American product up and by the time we get the New York we could easily command double that fee or more.

Your ideas are good. But the NFL will return to St. Louis if Khan's Jaguars or the Pagula's Bills move in. The NFL can't expand further in the continental United States. It can't expand into Europe because it priced themselves out of those markets. Britain won't be able to afford an NFL franchise once they officially leave the EU. The city of St. Louis was prepared to pay for new stadium with Stan Kroenke, but he wanted to spend 5 billion dollars on a new stadium in Los Angeles.

I think the CFL should expand to Seattle instead of St. Louis because it would help the viability of the BC Lions with a cross border rivalry. Seattle is more a world class city than St. Louis is.

If the CFL is going to expand, might as go big with teams in Seattle, Chicago, New York and San Diego then go to mid sized cities like St. Louis, Portland Ore., Norfolk Virginia and Salt Lake City for examples. With the added large metropolises, the CFL would be able to secure a more lucrative TV deal with US networks

Franchise fees should be paid in whole and upfront. No layaway plans like the dreaded '94 expansion. The CFL is a business, not a pawn shop.

You do make some good points, certainly the Seattle / Tacoma area should be high on the list for potential expansion but cannot be first nor should be for a variety reasons.

Again I don't the NFL will be returning to St. Louis, ever, if the Jags do move which I am also not sold on they have a lot of other much better media markets than St. Louis, such as the San Antonia/Austin corridor, Norfolk etc.

When CFL first goes to the US the initial franchise fee will be minimal, do we really want to blow a major market like that? The advantage that St. Louis, San Diego and Oakland have is that they already have an empty stadium that could be modified to comply with CFL field size. Any other location does not have that option nor is the sport big enough in the US yet that an ownership group would take the chance on building a CFL specific stadium. Perhaps in a city that got a MLS franchise and hadn't built the stadium yet, maybe.

One of the major failings of the 90s expansion attempt was trying put the CFL product on the smaller NFL field, it didn't work. Yes the CFL made a lot of compromises in terms of trying to generate revenue that they didn't even do basic due diligence on owners, missing one that was already embroiled in a lawsuit over failure to pay massive debts.

St. Louis is a small enough market to be a could test candidate, better to work out the bugs of how to sell CFL in America in St. Louis rather than in a major market city where you have to build a stadium on some of the most expensive real-estate in the country. Only someone who thinks they are going to get a return on investment is gonna pay $100million US and pay to build a stadium in the new york city area, frankly we aren't anywhere close to that, heck its why Halifax is still only talk and not yet reality.

St. Louis offers a way to have an instant fan base to support a team to current CFL levels in a good test market, work out bugs and marketing strategies and then start hosting games in other cities, like Rochester, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland etc etc.

The most attractive thing about St. Louis is we could get a compliant stadium for a few million in renovations that could still support over 20k fans a game. That is big ticket item, a stadium in St. Louis will cost us less than one in Halifax. All in all St. Louis is ground in which you prove CFL can work, then you start hosting special games in NYC, build ownership interest, that's when you get the big $$$.

Think of St. Louis at the appetizer and NYC is the dessert, there are a few steps in between. The thing about the 90's and then the aggressive expansion of the MLS is how to do this right and how to do this wrong. Patience is going to get more in the long run.

I think St. Louis is lost because the XFL has planted their flag in that market. The football fans there are gung ho on the BattleHawks team in their city. The CFL would be at a disadvantage if they placed a team there. The football fans in St Louis would not be receptive to a CFL after investing some much passion in the XFL BattleHawks team.

It would be nice if Auheiser-Busch was interested in securing a CFL team in St. Louis. The beer company/family owns the MLB's Cardinals, They could use another sports property as a tenant in their baseball stadium. The Busch Family has deep pockets

I think you are all putting the cart before the horse in talking of locations,

The first step I believe is for the CFL to declare they are open for business as far as possible expansion into the US.
Then they should ask for submissions of interest that will require close scrutiny.
The submissions will of course outline the issue of status of stadiums.

I agree the CFL should be trying to drum new franchise owners.

There is nothing wrong putting the cart before the horse, My old mechanic teacher always says it is easier for any type of engine to push the frame than pulling it. You get more power and efficiency that way

Oakland, California.

ā€¢Stadium is available for football
ā€¢The As will eventually move out
ā€¢~10 million people live in the area
ā€¢People want to forget about Mark Davis and the Raiders
ā€¢There are MANY Canadians in the Bay Area.
ā€¢Real tailgate parties
ā€¢lots of smoke
ā€¢30k fans in a 60k seat stadium is perfect for social distancing

Oakland, San Diego, St.Louis, San Antonio.

These four along with other major cities can be ideal as long they leave the rules alone.

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Throw in Portland and Rochester and have those six teams form their own Canadian-rules spring league to allow players to work both leagues/seasons.

That's not a bad idea.

CFL might benefit from that in the long run.

Not to be a Negative Nancy here, but CFL expansion in the US is not going to work and it won't get a TV deal unless the season ends before mid August. From mid August on, it is all NFL and College Football on sports TV. Even MLB takes a back seat until the World Series. No one would be watching the CFL in the USA. The only reason the XFL got a TV deal was because they played in the spring. Keep in mind the CFL does not have the money to loose the millions and millions Vince McMahon lost trying to get the XFL going (the 2nd time he tried and failed). The CFL should stay north and not worry about the US market.

Roger is that you? LOL!

If the US can sell their dairy in Canada, we Canadians can sell 3 down football in the US.

There is no stipulation where the NFL has exclusive rights to Football in North America. CFL in the US would breed healthy competition and break the monopoly the shield has. it would be a neglect of duty of the CFL Commissioner to not explore the Football crazed US market.

McMahon is a stubborn old carny barker who doesn't know a thing about football. He should stick to 'rassling

Let St. Louis, San Diego, San Antonio in the CFL, Switch Sacramento for Oakland. The Oakland Coliseum is a dump. And Football shouldn't be played in baseball stadiums once the A's vacate their stadium. We now know why Mark Davis left Oakland for Las Vegas and it was for free soup bowl haircuts for life there.

Could the Atlantic Schooners play out of Boston until they can get a stadium built?

Boston was number 3 for Bleacher Report's How to Make the CFL USA Work This Time and 15 Places Where it Could, and you could pretty much cross out number 2 now that the Pontiac Silverdome has been demolished.

  1. Boston
    13 OF 15
    Population: 4,489,250 (excludes Manchester, 399,555 and Providence, 1,602,822)

Canadian population: 207,549 (4.6 percent)

Stadium: Harvard Stadium (30,323), Alumni Stadium (44,500), Gillette Stadium (68,756, 115x75) and Revolutionā€™s New Stadium (TBD)

It goes without saying that Boston has the New England Patriots to satisfy its football needs. Boston is also one of the ten largest media markets in the country and has the largest population, to say nothing of traditional connections to Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

Besides having nearly a quarter-million Canadians, I think thereā€™s an opening in New England due to the large geographical swath taken up by the Boston megalopolis. Manchester and Providence (the two ends of said megalopolis) are 100 miles away from each other.

With the Pats playing halfway between Boston and Providence, I think there is a potential expansion opportunity in Central or North Boston. And the CFL could fill that opening.

You may even be able to keep the ratio intact if you have Canadian owners since it would be a Canadian business operating in the States only temporarily.

It would be a hard sell there. Boston is Patriots country

I like Hartford better. Get one of Native casinos(Foxwoods, Mohegan Sun) in the area to be owners. They could use their "nation within a nation" status to avoid the CFL ratio.

Would the CFL be okay having a casino owning a football team?