Pick only 1 American expansion franchise, and the reason why

With the Friday night game on NBCSN getting good ratings, a local in ________ has become a big fan and thinks his city could warm up to CFL football. That city is _______ and its good because of __________.

Why has poster _______ phrased his/her post like she/he is talking to a bunch of grade-school kids?

None, because the non-import rule is unenforceable, and it's nice actually having at least one domestic professional league.

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I wonder what the weather is like in Anchorage Alaska in November ?

If it were possible to enforce the non-import rule, I'd be fine with having 3-4 northern US franchises.

I like the Anchorage idea, the CFL would be the biggest event in town for those folks.

Why wouldn't it be enforceable the CFL has the right to tell an American team they need to have Canadians on the team. Any potential owner of an American team would agree to the rule.

Look at the UFL... That picked the markets they felt were the most likely to take to the league. The US market is oversaturated with Football as it is. Only way the CFL should consider a 4 team US division is

1- They accept some type of ratio (five Canadian starters across the league)
2- Five year 500 million dollar TV Deal (100million a year) with a reputable US TV network

...are you Kanga- Kucha...if you're not you are stealing his thunder :lol: I think we've pursued the American expansion idea once before

International labour agreements/laws would fobid it. A Canadian company cannot tell an American company (as they would be considered) that it must hire Canadians.

And I would view the CFL adding back American teams as selling out. Our two major sports trophies were given to celebrate Canadian national champions in their respective sports. We now really only own one of those trophies, which is a shame. We would also be the only country in the world outside of maybe some 3rd world country without our own domestic top flight league in some sport.

Papa. At this point in the off season we are all Kucha-Kanga

Can't do that, its a violation of the US labour laws to mandate an employer hire so many of a specific type worker. This was the same issue last time there was US expansion and why the ratio went out the window then. You can't even mandate that for instance instead of NI's they use so many players that are from DII or lower NCAA schools either. There would be lawsuits everywhere if they tried. They can play canadians but can't be required to.

Exactly wolverine.

speaking of legality, could either the usa or canada have a league where they have height and weight restrictions? I would love to see football played by guys with tons of skill, but deemed too small or light for NFL. That doesnt mean cfl either.

I would like to see a league where maximum height is around 5.11 and max weight, for all players, is around 185-190 maybe.

I dont care whose rules.

...the lingerie league

Agreed! I'm quite happy to have a Canada only based league. Every year those of us that are hockey fans have to watch a Canadian trophy being handed to the Yanks, its nice to keep one here for us. I think the fact that the Grey Cup was awarded to an American franchise once was too much. I'm pro-Canada. Keep the CFL in Canadian cities only.

I pick Sacramento, because it's one of the largest TV markets in the U.S. without pro football and they have a history of success with a CFL franchise there. While the Gold Miners did leave after two years, the team had excellent fan support considering their laughable "stadium".

Rather than Canadians, U.S. teams could have "territorial protections", which is probably legal in America. For example, 20 players on each U.S. team must have had their primary football training within the territory allocated to the franchise. While having California, Texas or Florida within your territory is probably not much of a handicap in finding good football players, at least it partially levels the playing field with Canadian teams.

Ideally, there should be an 8, 12 or 16-team U.S. league playing 100% Canadian-rules football, perhaps as an independent league, i.e. Continental Football League. They could play a totally autonomous schedule or a partial interlocking schedule with CFL teams (i.e. 2 or 3 games vs Canadian teams).

Why play Canadian football in the U.S? Because it's different and better than American football...and it's not trying to compete directly with the NFL. CFL teams require a different kind of player...leaner, faster, better conditioned athletes to cover the larger CFL field and with less downtime between plays.

Select U.S. cities which don't have a NFL franchise and will likely never get one, i.e. Sacramento, San Antonio, Portland, Boise, Rochester, Grand Rapids, Milwaukee, Orlando, Columbus, Hartford, Austin, Louisville, Oklahoma City, Richmond, Worcester, Anchorage, Salt Lake, Albuquerque, Birmingham, Norfolk...and so on.

...for the win

The one place that it could work would be a windsor team playing in Pontiac in a domed stadium that could be revamped to fit a CFL Field and is owned by a Canadian business. So from the CFL, Ratio, and stadium perspective it woudl be perfect.
Problems are the Poor econominc Condition of the Detroit/Windsor area. Also Detroit already has a team in all of the Big 4 sports leagues in North America.
So the CFL in the US is not such a good idea. Sorry

No American teams keep it Canadian, when the US played in the CFL it was dark times.