Pick one player

anyone remember Byron Parker, for the argos, and all the INTs he got last season, with only half a season played....

i'd fear him this upcomming season.

(1) Calgary Receiving Core. If Henry Burris finds his groove under Cortez this year, Copeland, Lewis, Boerichter, Rambo.

(2) Charles Roberts (Hon Mention)

I know you asked for one player R&W2005, but right now, that scares me if Burris can get it together.

While I'm sure there are others, the first name that popped into my head was Ben Cahoon. He just seems to be able to produce big games against the Esks virtually every time we play. A very clutch reciever.


A few players:
Dave Dickenson
Kenton Keith
Bashear Levingston

I was pretty happy as a Lions fan to see Ed Hervey retire --- that guy always burned BC.
Even though Henry Burris is hot/cold with the Stamps, in the 2004 West Final he was the best player on the field. The Lions have fared well against him since but I still get nervous when they play him.

Davis Sanchez, he likes to cheap shot Milt.

Buck pierce...

evrytime sask injures DD, he comes in and lights us up!


Charles Roberts, I get so frustrated every time he runs for another 10+ yards with Argos bouncing, falling off him.

As for the past, when Doug Flutie came to town, you made sure you were there to see your team get served.

and pig when you say cheap shot....you mean when he KO'd him with shoulder to helmet hit...OH YAHHHH..that was funny

More along the lines of AJ fart Gass, going after the Ticat player.

Dickenson. He owns us.

Aside from the western semi-final last year, Henry Burris seems to have had the Riders number. I dont think it will be much different this year, but its hard to say if his dominance in the reg season will continue. Usually any QB that leaves here burns us when we play whatever team he goes to, there is a long list of QBs who had success after leaving the Riders.
Charles Roberts is another guy who seems to have great success against us as well.


Burris and or Dickenson. They always seem to light it up against the Riders.