Pick one player

Pick one player you hate your team playing against because the guys is that good.

My pick has got to be Lions Geroy Simon. To me this guy is so dam dangerous.

the whole hamilton team lol..WE CANT SEEM TO BEAT THEM.

hhmmmmmm, cant think of any.

:lol: :lol: The Jason Maas curse! Is that like the Ryan Smith curse! :lol:

also Burris..seems to kill us pretty bad with his legs

It used to be Danny McManus/Darren Flutie.

Now I would have to say Robert Edwards.

Milt Stegall. That 100 yrd. TD scares me.

I get more scared when Westwood has to kick a fieldgoal

I would say Dave Dickenson

Dave Dickenson

I havent had such a player since Dunigan was in Edmonton.

if i had a favorite team, i would fear charles roberts the most.

Brent Johnson. He and his line-mates got half their sacks for the season against the Als last year.

Sandro Deangelis the guy can make a Field Goal from inside the locker room seemingly. he never misses

oh and of course Tucker that guy has almost singlehandedly taken two grey cups away from the als

ima cat fan but, if i were a starting WR on any other team, id have to say id be afraid of Tay-zer Tay Cody baby!! he can tr=urn ur lights out quick

Same here.

Blitzer I believe he is on your team right. You need to pick a player from an opposing team!Just like Pigseye! He fears everyone.

Are you a Bomber fan? :lol: :lol: :lol:

...yes he is...and so is redwhite2005....he really likes Troy and his abilities as well.... :wink:

I joke but if every player gave as much as Troy Westwood has for the Bombers we would have a league full of over-accheivers. As much as he is an annoying son of a gun, I have to tip my hat to his grit and longevity.