Pick 'Em Problem

Anybody else having a problem with the Pick 'Em stats. Checking on my score today I've got no credit for last night's game. It just says "calculating" and it's been nearly 24 hours.


Me too. Fantasy scores were up promptly after the game as usual. I picked Winnipeg correctly to win yesterday. Usually pick ‘em results are posted reasonably promptly after the game as well. Not for this game. I’m showing as “calculating score” as well, getting close to a full day later.

Mine too says calculating score. Been waiting for points to be posted since Friday’s June 17 game.

@MattL91 is this something you want to look into?

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Same here. It shows I picked WPG but didn’t credit me with the win… Says it's ‘CALCULATING PICK’.

I gave up. My first week's picks were exactly the same as the ones I made here (three out of four were right) but I got no credit for any of them. So to heck with that nonsense.

Will follow up on our end of these issues :slight_smile: Thanks guys.



Mine has been updated. Thanks for fixing that.

Mine is now fixed too.
Much appreciated @MattL91

No problem, guys.