Pick a replacement for Marc Trestman (Ex Coach list)

Can only have 10 options so unfortunately I could not fit massive failures or candidates over 61 years of age. You can vote twice and even change your mind !

None of the above.

My choice would be Noel Thorpe.

Amongst the former Als coaches, Doug Berry would be my only choice.

I hope that Marc Trestman leaves;the sooner the better. As Herb wrote, knowing that Anthony may play for only 1 more year or so, he protected himself by asking and receiving a 4 year extension. When the extension was confirmed, he did say that it was the best job he ever had and the best Owner; six months later, he is running around for interviews in the NFL. I hope that an NFL team will get him out of here/out of the Als.

Let’s get a loyal Head Coach.


He snowed everybody. I'm ok with him leaving. Can't see him here for four more years anyway. The part time GM can move on too and enjoy his Panters season tickets.

I'm going to make up another list of 10 with non ex coach Richard and then the Forum Playoffs.

I voted for Doug Berry and although not a previous head coach my write in candidate would be Chris Jones.

And although the Trestman Tour is a ridiculous situation, you also have to point the finger at Mr. Wetenhall for not anticipating giving Trestman the escape clause would potentially lead to this.

And Jim Popp after 19 years of loyal service deserves his shot at the NFL. Hes had a rough couple of years, has not been at the top of his game, but theres no way of knowing if he`s been slacking off. And again Popp has stated that Wetenhall allowed him to move back to Carolina.

All this aside, it is a ridiculous situation to have your 2 top football people job hunting at a critical time of year. But how do you solve it?

J’attendrai avant de spéculer sur tout ça.

Trestman n’est pas encore parti et Popp non plus. S’il se trouve qu’ils sont tous deux avec l’équipe à la fin du mois, je serai content qu’ils s’occupent de l’équipe. Et après deux années d’interviews sans résultats, ils devront monter une équipe dominante pour en avoir d’autres. Pour leur propre promotion personnelle, ils ne peuvent pas vraiment se permettre une autre saison sans que l’équipe accède à la Coupe Grey. Ça porterait ombrage à leur blason.

Et s’ils ne décrochent pas le poste qu’ils convoitent, ce qui arrive donne de la crédibilité à l’équipe auprès des joueurs comme organisation.

Nous verrons bien ce qui arrivera.

Top 3... Montreal football fans are not going to accept this. If all 3 leave the media is going to tear the team appart and the first sign of a gong show on the field they will drop the team like a rock.

[i]Every candidate on that list makes Johnny puke his cannellonis!

What an effin depressing week to be an Als fan :frowning: [/i]

none of the above list and as stated on the other thread, no unproven rookie either as HC.
At this point, the Als would need someone like Chris Jones or Jacques Chapdelaine who have had success in the league along with the experience within the league.

I would think that Lapo would be the choice for the Als. Coming into a situation where he has the best starting QB in Hisory of the CFL along with the Oline and Offensive weapons he already has is a much different situation he walked in Winnipeg. LaPo is also a very strong supporter of future QB Canadian Kyle Quinlan. Although some may not agree he may also be able to grab a familiar QB in Joey Elliot who would be in a much more sane sitation in Montreal then the Buck Pierce injury carousel. Winnipeg had some pretty good special teams while LaPolice was their and he is now unemployed with the BBs signing of Dickenson. Montreal just happens to be the team with the worst special teams.