Picard to start at center

What do you think of this move? The last 3 games Khan has been at center and there have been quite a few bad snaps and the coverage fro Glenn has not quite been what it was. Even though Khan was lineman of the year IMO, Picard is the better center.

If Sheridan is out for this next game against BC, Khan will most likely take his spot and Picard would be the centre. Obi had a lot of downtime earlier this year and is still probably getting back into the groove. He's probably not in peak condition I would say yet.

...we don't suffer anything by Obby moving to Sheridans spot....Khan is a very versatile player...exactly why we wanted him so bad...doesn't hurt being a canuck either...Picard has turned out to be a big success at centre....we won't miss a beat... :wink: :rockin:

Had Khan not lost a great deal of weight? I think his overall strenght and conditioning is not up to par, but I certainly don't question his heart.

ya when kahn came bacl berry didn;t want to put him in for picard, and he will admit the picard snaps are better. i think we have to make the mvoes like this. it is our best option because it always us to play our proven olinemen.

We are so lucky to have latched onto Picard with Obby having such a tough time with his health. Obby in for Sheridan, one allstar replaces another.

Sounds like Obbie is doubtful for friday

he isn;t doubtful. i think piggy was aiming at the virus he caught preseason that made him miss so much of the season.

Bombers while Picard was at centre:

Leading rusher in the league
Fewest sacks allowed
Most efficient QB in CFL

Bombers while Khan was at centre:

Charles Roberts struggles
A lot more pressure on the QB and more sacks surrendered
Glenn has his worst games of the year

It can't all be coincedence.

depends on how u look at it. khan as been slow to step up but losing sheridan hurts, and well the oline as a unit is collapsing. just watch some replays that have every oline losing their block.

...Obby is now a scratch for a couple of games....and Sheridan is on the shelf....enter back-up ....Archer???O'Meara????or Koch??????i don't like the looks of this latest turn of events going against the leos...MAYBE one or two of these guys will be hungry enough to fill the holes ...otherwise Wake...and Mr. Johnson will be a real problem for Kevin.....hmmmmmm?????? :roll:

i was unaware that khan hurt his knee, that sucks. archer and o'meara will both be backups this week.