Picard retires !

Wow, that is a lot of grit, attitude and leadership off of the OL

The revolving retirements this year are crazy. Wonder if he was in camp and his body just wasn't holding up like he is used to. It can be a landslide when it comes for some of the bigger bodies.

Exactly what he said on Montreal radio this afternoon. He says just 3 days in camp and his body couldn’t recuperate anymore he didn’t want to take the money and not be able to play to his standards.

Jonathan Guay said that the 1st team OL today consisted of Kristian Matte at center and rookie Philippe Gagnon at G.

I'm OK with that. Matte played a bit at center last year, as others noted earlier in the thread. I am surprised to see Gagnon slotting into a starting G spot ahead of White and Piotrowski. Maybe Sweet feels he's pro-ready?

I know one thing: what will help this line acquire cohesion is a good running game out the gate. Let those big boys tee off on the enemy d-line instead of always pass-blocking.

Jerald Brown Signed with Toronto during the off season...retired yesterday

I know, and I guess it’s the same thing – they needed a few days of camp to see whether their bodies could hold up or not. And the answer was not. :wink:

And adding youth and strength to that Oline will help the run game as well. So while we lose experience We've just added a pair of 24 year olds and dropped the average age of the line by 4 years. Really with few exceptions over the last two years Popp has turned the team from the oldest in the league to one of the youngest.

[i]There will surely be growing pains. Poor Kevin Glenn. Whoever among Cato, Bridge or Adams is the number 2 QB, he better stay sharp and ready to play!

He just might get some meaningful playing time...[/i]

That's the way I see it

With all the aches and pains and, the multi-physical issues that Picard has picked up in the last couple of years, I was surprised he intended to play this year. I give Picard his deserved status, he spent the past 8 to 10 years at the center of things in the CFL. He gave his all with success and, I admire him for recognizing his playing years are over. Now the offensive line will reorganize as noted by several of you. There has been no mention of Perrette shifting to the LT position as speculated earlier. Perette has been a super OT and, I have felt we should let him continue at RT where he has excelled. The LT candidates are still up for grabs. Ruby seems to be the choice of most Als fans although, a one year career as a back up OT might generally be insufficient for the huge demands of the LT position. The team does have some imports now in camp and, likely the coming pre-season games will determine who will occupy the LT position when the season commences. These are Vincent Brown, F Hickman, Nate Isles. With Picard gone, I believe that should one of these guys excel our Canadian OL might require one of these Int. candidates. LBJ, a 6th draft choice managed to play guard in his premier season and, managed decently before his move to center. Will Gagnon be able to accomplish what LBJ did and, move to a guard position, leaving Blake or Matte the center spot? There was a threat of other teams desiring Piotrowski early last season, this will be his third season with the Als and, season 3 is usually the first year a native son hits sufficient experience required for a starting position, as was demonstrated by Matte a few years ago. LBJ has been a massive presence in recent years. I'm hoping we'll have him for the playoffs.

[i]Picard retires?! Maybe now Riker will finally get command of the Enterprise! Dammit, he's waited long enough!



last evening while looking at Picard, my thoughts were also on Burke whom I recall last year talking about his feelings that his knees were bothering him and, was musing about what his knees might be like in the years to come. The game of football is hard re the physical body, as someone noted " mans physical structure was not made for football". With all the evidence proving these athletes are at a risk for brain damage, this season I have had thoughts about our athletes and, their potential for injury. I believe Bourke made the right move, for himself, to move to Toronto with a likely good increase in salary as there will likely be costs to his physical self in future. Also, just recently some of you listed the salaries given by the CFL, and I was surprised how little our players ( other than QBs and elites ) are payed for the physical risks that come with playing this game.

There was little chance Jeff Perrett was going to move to LT on a regular basis. Reason is simple. Nobody from the Als had spoken to him in the offseason about switching positions.

As the Als did not go after any free agents after Josh Bourke left, the next LT was going to be somebody already on the roster. Xavier Fulton for example was available as he only signed with the Riders last week. Jacob Ruby is the top contender for LT because that is who Jim Popp mentioned when talking about potential candidates. Second player Popp named was Philip Blake. So far, that is what has happened in training camp with Ruby playing LT.

On day #2 of training camp, there was talk of Blake playing LT and Ruby moving to RG. When Popp was asked about this, he said they were experimenting and preparing just in case there is an injury at some point during the season.

Now With Picard retiring, the Als put Kristian Matte at center and Philippe Gagnon at G, but we do not know if that is permanent or not. At the time, Jake Piotrowski was supposedly next on the depth chart but was not healthy enough for practice.

Excellente observation! Merci! :thup: