Picard released ?

Apparently Dominic Picard has been or is about to be released .. doesnt much make sense to me

Not shocked, but disappointed they couldn't get something for him. Requirement for retaining Heenan. Likely needed to go after signing a couple other guys.

Watman is ready...I said it back at the expansion draft...I would have left Picard unprotected....After that I would have tested Watman early on in the season, then looked to trade Picard mid-season if Watman showed promise. Picard was beaten a fair amount, especially on the left side in 2014, and there were more than a few comments on his soft snapping (though I still insist that is horrid OL coaching), which supports looking for change. Bad foresight by the club not to make the move and get something for him. Also, pretty surprising they can't trade him for something...would indicate it may have been partially his decision....hard to believe that the ORBs or Bombers wouldn't bite...even if for a late rounder. If this is not followed shortly by an extension of Watman, then it is a real head scratcher though. They missed the boat on making this move in the past year and actually reaping some return for it...pisses me off a little.

Actually almost all they have done so far has pissed me off a lot. This ship seemsto be without a rudder and headed straight for the rocks. Taman has got to get his sh** together and start steering things in the right direction or we may be hoping for Winter to last all year.

I think everyone should not be surprised. Look back at Taman's trends while in Winnipeg. He likes to retread players........her isn't a builder through youth/drafts?

First Picard..........who is going to trade for a 33-34 year old who likely resigned last season for $125-$150K. Wait for the guy to get cut, then you can go after him and negotiate your own money and not adopt the Riders contract.

Depop very fair point they did not trade this asset when the value was there............and they didn't. Last season I would have unprotected Picard and covered Sholy off? And I agree I would have liked Watman seeing more time early in the year.

This is a move to dump salary and get younger. But I also believe it is a move to play Watman who is ready to start. Upside is their is upside to Watman whereas with Picard he has likely played his best football. Plus Watman entering 3rd year will be coming up as a FA and the Riders need to consider locking him up or risk his leaving. Another poster hit the nail we gotta free up cash for Heenan.

Not surprised if this happens. Not surprised nobody would give us a 5th or 7th rounder because he's kind of done and expensive to boot.

Taman signed Richardson..........age 32? Out all 2015 with injuries? Like Vanstone said this signing is just fine. Jamal could light it right up or if injuries plague him he'll get cut and it costs us $0. But why can't Taman find a WR? Somebody found Henry at WR for Ottawa and Burris and that found chemistry pretty quick..........I can't buy into this DD needing 1-2 years to get chemistry with a guy..........Swain worked out okay for us but Schillings was busted. DePalma........who knows since they didn't really let these guys get the ball a whole lot (granted nobody got the ball a lot with 2014 offense).

But I agree I will watch Taman. I hope I don't see a lot or re-treading? But that seems to be his method unless Coach has a lot of say.

On the home page the Riders have 4-5 free agent camps. Mainly in the west! Past years they have down this southeast. The camps are early January so I like to think the Riders are beating others to planning camps. plus they have 5 planned for January alone. I would assume a few more will follow in February/March???? So Maybe a Kory Sheets type can be found.

As for Picard..........thanks for being a Rider but it is past time for this move.

He-Picard- was released today and signed with Winnipeg.


Yup screwed the pooch on that one. As mentioned probably could have been traded last year to Winnipeg or Ottawa and got something for him. now we get bupkis and Winnipeg gets a freebie.

Probably could have been traded THIS year...as in now. They cut ties too fast IMO

yep,, bad poker playing on our part again

Picard's a good player. They had to know that Heenan was gone. Why didn't they keep Picard?