Picard out

As i mentioned in a couple precious threads, I was pissed that Picard clearly aggrivated something last week and was not pulled, and struggled thereafter. he will not be playing this week.

Cmon OL coach and conditioning staff...you gotta react to this stuff in a game, especially for these big guys wear further aggrivating a small issue can cost them weeks.

I agree.........but you have to love the pissy attitude to carry on fighting. As stupid as that sounds and knowing a guy could get hurt worse..............I love it. Play on and show your mates you ain;t going down without a scrap.

But sooner or later intelligent folks (Ivan Gudfriend) steps in!

Go Neufeld............play better. Go Best.........may 100% of snaps ind up in DD's hands.

O Linemen have that "don't Quit" in their genes .The other O Linemen will respect him for it and I hope we will not be without his Skills for too long !

Sorry, but few to no players are going to pull themselves from a game...ie have the 'don't quit' mentality. That is why I point out the coaches and conditioning staff. The injury was clear as day.