pic of the day


So... here's your thought provoking image of the day. (and the link where it can be found.)

[url=http://canadachannel.ca/todayincanadianhistory/index.php/File:1909GreyCupBall.jpg]http://canadachannel.ca/todayincanadian ... upBall.jpg[/url]

looks like a clam with chin hair.

Incredible Kennyploen.2! Is that 103 year old ball still in existence or is this a picture of a picture?

I wish I could say something profound here. Something like: "This old thing has been in our family for years!"

But, sorry Beagle, the bitter truth is I don't have much info at all. University of Toronto News gets the photo cred for putting it out there on the web. Here's another link:


I went to the Grey cup train last weekend and there was tonnes of old equipment on display as well as some old balls.

Pretty cool to seer it in person.

Highly recommend people see the train for those in Toronto next week.