Pic of possible Reno at Lansdowne Park

YES that's were the rink / concert hall will be built

Updated figures and scope of the plans.

3rd tower dropped as well as the green roof on the new arena

Price tag jumps to 419 million in the process

Mayor Sutcliff is a booster. Scheduled to go to full council on November 10


Developers are the major group that can benefit from Council decisions and therefore the one that has the most cause to donate to Council election campaigns (or rather the employees to donated) … I’ll be shocked if it takes more than 20 minutes.

As the Mayor said
“Mayor Mark Sutcliffe said it will be more expensive to wait, because the existing Arena at TD Place is so plagued by mould, leaking and accessibility issues that it is unsuitable to host world-class events.
He told reporters Friday morning that the cost of doing nothing would be $400 million or more, based on the price tag for maintaining and eventually disassembling the aging infrastructure.”

Expensive but it’s worth doing and a better option that letting it go.
If developers make money, so be it. If developers don’t make money they don’t invest.

It will probably mean the Redblacks have to play a season without the north side stands. It would be great to see the north side with a walkway between the upper and lower decks like the south side

After 2 days of comments and motions. Landsdowne2.0 passes 16-9

More housing added but not the 3rd tower

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A key vote on procurement coming tomorrow.

Staff is recommending the city stays with the architects OSEG hired though there is a lean on council to open up tenders which would be decided next year.

Concern is a forthcoming change in building codes will mean the design could go back to the drawing board if it takes too long. But sole sourcing these things don’t land well with people either.


Finance Committee approves procurement model 10-2.

Now goes to full council for approval. There’s a meeting scheduled for tomorrow but unsure if it’s on this agenda.