Pic of possible Reno at Lansdowne Park

Halifax Council and Nova Scotia Gov't on spending $100M for expandable 12K seat Stadium for CFL, CPL and City/ Provincial use! :scream: :no_entry_sign: :no_entry_sign: :no_entry_sign:

Ottawa on spending $330M on a 5,000 seat underground arena for their OHL team! :+1: :ok:

Rather they just build a normal arena no need to reinvent it with a berm that is not usable because of some kind of aesthetic piece of art that a grassy knoll represents .

Plus no room for a proper end zone / standing - seating experience at that end and no new replay board as the one at the opposite end is not centred properly .

They could properly put up the arena and use the arena for some game day use like a restaurant or team (s) HOF area with memorabilia for all the teams using that space .

They need to get rid of the arena/ berm groundhog or hobbit home .

It needs to go and reassess it for more Multi -function future use ; this is short sighted .

If anything use the cattle castle as the opening frontal area and put the arena joining it up nicely using this type of architecture .

IT would create a unique look .

But please get rid of the hobbit style arena .

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What is with that site and unusual designs for sporting infrastructure?
Something in the water?

So they’d build a weird arena, to replace the weird arena that came before?

Got it

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No OSEG is spending $350 million on a new north side for the stadium with a walkway between decks, boxes, concessions, expanded underground parking. A new 5k seat arena and the condo towers.

The arena will be built no higher than the existing berm, which means it will be built down into the ground. Not many people stand on that berm anyway, if they can't stand there then they should buy a ticket, no freebees.
Can't see why they can't put temp stands in that end zone when needed. I'm sure OSEG has it all figure out.

This is a great deal for Ottawa, no provincial or federal tax payers paying for it. The city of Ottawa gets to collect a lot of property tax from the condo owners and the businesses.

Is Halifax and Nova Scotia spending $100M for expandable 12k seat stadium?? I thought they were only spending $20 MILLION, the $100 MILLION was the price that the group had quoted.

It's about the condo towers.


Finance and Economic Development Comitee approve the plan.

Will go to city council on May 25


Yes! and if that's the way that Ottawa gets a renovated stadium great, no contribution from provincial/federal taxpayers.

Everyone of those condo owners will be paying the city a lot of mony in propety taxes, it's a win-win-win for the city, OSEG and football fans.

Take the hockey arena and build it on " The Great Lawn" It is wasted space anyways, and build it above ground. Put some bleachers in the West end zones for kids and the poor people.

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Today's meeting to vote on the plan has been cancelled due to the aftermath of Saturday's storm.

Ottawa storm: City council meeting cancelled | CTV News

Rescheduled for June 8.

It would be too simple to do in Ottawa it always requires something complicated and not required to justify some odd duck art piece for somebody they think wants it .

The art piece on the hill they have now is totally unnecessary .

I think the whole grass covering is simply a silly idea to appease the green Glebeites with a quirky feel they never asked for and really if you cannot walk on it why bother doing the bomb shelter / hobbit home .

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Council approves the preliminary plan 17-7.

Lansdowne 2.0 approved by city council | CTV News

Will move into the public consultation phase with contracts to be signed in the fall after the election. OSEG hopes to break ground this fall.

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:sunglasses: Totally, politically incorrect, to refer those people as "poor people" !!!

The correct term would be "less fortunate" than the rest of us !!!!

Get with the programme , please !!!

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I stand corrected. I was once one of those "less fortunate " ones, as a kid and a young adult. :wink: :grinning:

This is an absolutely terrible design. If they use this design and get rid of the roof. I'm done being a season ticket holder. I've been one since the Ottawa Rough Riders.

If this is built, I'm done, and I don't think I'm the only one. Move the stadium already. This is what mayor Waldo wanted all along when he wanted to tear down the football stadium and replace it with condos and townhouses.

The roof not being replaced is a mistake .

I know that when I get a ticket I can go rain or shine game day if you choose that side mid to upper .

The old south side upper also had a roof for a reason .

They seem to be going in the direction of less fans . I think it will hold only 20 to 21 k after . They must see a league future where they make more money on auxiliary income .

No roof , no more seasons tickets for me. I will only buy when the weather is good.

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Developers are extremely canny when it comes to accessing federal, provincial & municipal funds and/or tax deferrals. Looks like the berm & the park are just window dressing for the architectural plans which will then form the essence of the presentation made for massive public funding. Developers like to pad these presentations with at least 50%, sometimes up to 60% of fat - fat they can pocket as clear profits or expenses that invariably end up in their own greedy pockets!

I think what we're seeing across the CFL landscape is that the CFL is becoming increasingly driven by TV & other auxilliary revenues vs. gate attendance.
In other words, even in the CFL's 2 largest fan-based markets (Winnipeg & Regina) the stadiums were over-built by at least 5,000 seats, maybe more.
That is also the primary reason even the wealthy owners of the Stampeders & Argonauts don't want to invest in significant upgrades or alternative small stadiums (ie. those holding 20,000 to 24,000 folks)
Vancouver now has the only weather-immune indoor facility that can hold up to 45,000 but rarely collects more than 15,000. Montreal, Ottawa & Hamilton all have what I call small outdoor stadiums (23,000 to 26,000 capacity) and the only upgrades you'll see are from goodwill guys like Caretaker Bob. The planned Ottawa upgrades are developer-driven (condos, retail, offices, etc.) only using the valuable land around Landsdowne to ramp up development.

Too late to cut 5,000 seats from either Wpg or Regina . . . . don't think anyone is going to build a 21,000-22,500 outdoor facility in the Maritimes for 150 to 250 million either so right now CFL development is stalled. Its PLAY WHERE YOU IS OR DON'T PLAY AT ALL . . .
Only emergency repairs will be effected at Commonwealth & McMahon for years to come.

The only saving grace for the larger facilities (BC, Wpg, Regina) is they present 3 decent alternatives for higher profit Grey Cup fan attendance (BC can hit 50,000, Winnipeg can ramp up to 37,500 and Regina might be able to handle 40,000)
Commonwealth can still house 50,000 uncomfortably and I think McMahon can easily stuff 40,000 in the cement.
Hamilton's GC capacity with temporary stands is prolly no more than 30,000, Ottawa around 28,500 and Montreal (who knows?, maybe 27,500)

It seems the ideal size projecting less and less fan attendance over the next 30 years and more focus on media dollars is about 25,000.

If the CFL had the foresight to build 9 or 10 indoor stadiums ranging from 21,000 in Maritimes, 24,500 in Hamilton, Ottawa & Toronto = 27,000 in Winnipeg & Regina, 25,000 in Edmonton & Calgary we might have something.

Isn't the new hockey rink supposed to be there on the grassy knoll at the east end zone?