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i think there was as much Defensive as offensive if not more-- that has to be the weakest call of the year!

Well guys I would like to judge on this but I would only be labeled biased. So thats hear from fans that are not eskimo or stamp fans.

Not a good call- and I don't like the Stamps

I don't really see the interference on either side, I guess to the Ref it looked like the CGY reciever pushed the Eskimo defender to get the separation to make the catch a fairly certain event. To me, it looked like a good battle, and the CGY reciever won and then moved away not to keep the Eskimo from possible interception (the interference call presumably), but because he had to adjust his position to the right for Burris' throw.

But then, I'm still not knowledgeable enough to know a penalty when I see one, not enough time in as a full-time CFL fan.

Well I am neither an Eskimo nor a Stamps fan, particularly.

Mind you Mrs. MadJack and I did spend the Dominion Day (yes, I still call it that) weekend in Calgary, and took in their home opener at McMahon stadium in the company of some wonderful new friends (hello Razor and RedandWhite!).

That said.................

If I were the referee at that game.....

I would not have thrown a flag on that play, either way.

Mind you, what do I know...I still think Etienne Boulay intercepted a pass against the Argos that the side judge ruled incomplete...............

Don't feel dumb about that one, Boulay did get an interception. That one was unquestionably the official's mistake in my opinion.

Actually the defender looks like he had a hold of Boe before Boe had sepeartion but again I am biased much like an Eskie fan would have a biased answer.

To me didn't look like anything bad enough on either offense or defense to warrant a penalty.

To me that was just a good battle for the ball. No one should have been flagged.

It looks like, from the replay, that both players made contact with each other. I couldn't really tell if Boerigter pushed off or not. Having said that I would say it didn't look like he pushed off.

Is there an advantage gained? That is the distiguishing factor here. To me, there is. It does not have to be a two handed heavy ho push off. He does push off and gains separation.

Check the defnedr holding onto Boe prior to his seperation.

definitely forward pass interference by Boe.

good call...you guys blind...Boe's arms kept Morgan or whoever that was away from the ball. Offensive Pass Interference is the call for that! Hardly worth debating when the video illustrates everything you need to see for the flag.

Now, before I check anyone else's opinion (though I already know what some think), that was not a "phantom" call. Or as bad as I expected.
Bo clearly does push off on the play.
Having said that, I never want to see a flag thrown on that type of play again. Ever.

Let them play!!

Bad call!!

No, Arius, if a receiver pushes off, you have to call it. Either that or eliminate all pass interference calls on both sides. The defender has as much right to the ball as the receiver does.

On that particular play, it's hard to tell from the video what happened. Either:
a) Morgan grabbed Boerigter's left arm, causing it to trail behind him, which would be defensive interference; or
b) Boerigter pushed off with his left arm to gain separation, which would be offensive interference.

It's hard to tell from that video, but I remember watching the game and thinking they got the call right.

you do not have to call every tiny bit of contact.
What Bo did was very minor and if that were the standard for a call, you would see a flag on nearly every play.
There was some contact, and Bo did initiate some of that contact.
What I am saying is, it was not enough to justify a flag.

I might add though, this is an example of why penalties are not reviewable.
We might agree it was a bad call, but the video does show contact, so how could you overturn it?

Big Dave did you say No to Arius and imply he is wrong! My god man are your crazy! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: